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Eliminate the Bacteria on Your Hospital Flooring

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Cross-infections are one of the greatest threats to hospital patients. Normally the pathogens that multiply through the air are carried by dust particles, but hospital floors can carry many dangerous microbes. Fortunately, there are ways to help mitigate the risks of microbial spread. Sealwell offers seamless flooring finishes perfect for any hospital setting to keep infections from spreading. A clean environment is a productive environment, which is important for the seriousness of the medical industry.

Flooring Is Not Immaculate

Keeping a floor clean may sound easy enough, but there is more to it than just getting out the mop. Though it appears smooth to our eyes, floors can become very rigid and can catch particles in hard to remove traps and depressions. This can be created by the heavy carts and beds that roll around the hospital floors and the constant foot traffic of busy nurses. Other instances of imperfect floors are tiles with grout or easily cracked finishes.

Even the floor material itself can promote the growth of bacteria. Despite the anti-microbial properties of flooring used in hospitals, some bacteria can still live on the surface of the floor. It is hard to see exactly how this would happen because of how small the particles are, but germs can penetrate small cracks between the finish and contaminate the concrete flooring.

If these particles don’t get cleaned during regular cleanings they can grow and become infectious to the patients. This is not only detrimental to the health of the patients but a liability to the integrity of a hospital. Investing in the seamless flooring provided by Sealwell can not only give a hospital a much better environment for its patients but also give it a good reputation for new customers.

What Floors Give the Best Protection

Resinous epoxy and urethane floors that are poured onto the surface provide the best solution to the crevasses created by everyday wear and tear. These finishes are solid and immune to cracks so there is no way for bacteria to penetrate the surface. The smoothness of a liquid-poured finish also eliminates those hard to clean traps and rigidity. The area where the wall meets the floor can create a hard to clean bacterial trap as well. Our floors finishes will cover these coves along the wall.

One of the main problems of continued cleaning of floors is that over time it makes the floor less resistant to dirt. Harsh chemicals used in floor cleaning can remove the wax layer that separates the floor from any particles along with the dirt it cleans. This means that not only should floors be waxed to prevent bacteria from sticking around but also that wax layers need to be reapplied every so often to maintain their protective properties. A hospital is an ongoing business that can’t afford to halt their activity for a few days just because the flooring needs to be waxed again. The naturally easy to clean epoxy and urethane floors will remain durable despite harsh chemicals and allow a hospital to stay running without interruption.

For any medical business looking to invest in a seamless flooring, Sealwell can get the job done. Call now at (844) 443-2844 for a quote.