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Every commercial or industrial facility needs a proper flooring solution to ensure protection, seamless operations, and longevity of the surface. It is when they look for epoxy flooring, concrete polishing, or polyurethane flooring options to optimize their workspaces. Are you looking for any of these flooring solutions? If yes, Sealwell can be the best fit.

At Sealwell, you get the opportunity to build smooth, safe, and attractive floors that last for years. Being one of the leading industrial flooring contractors, we ensure that your business has high-quality flooring that can facilitate your daily operations. From preparing the surface to assessing the damaged floor, our team performs a series of steps to meet your flooring requirements.  

Whether installing a new floor or upgrading the existing one, our premium-quality flooring solution can deliver guaranteed results. The industries we serve include warehousing, chemical & lab, food & beverage, retail & commercial, healthcare, and transportation.   

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Sealwell has gained years of experience delivering high-quality epoxy flooring and polyurethane flooring solutions. Being a leading epoxy flooring contractor, we aid businesses with comprehensive flooring services, including surface preparation, safety line marking, concrete polishing, and so on. Our primary intention is to install a commercial floor that offers excellent strength, durability, and strong resistance.

Besides, we follow the best practices to maximize the  efficiency of our operations, protect the floor from being affected by heavy machinery & traffic, and keep repair costs down. We evaluate existing floors and advise suitable epoxy or polyurethane systems to diverse businesses.  

If you are looking for seamless epoxy flooring across Florida, Canada, or Georgia, Sealwell can make a perfect fit.

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Whether you need a new showroom floor, or a warehouse surface that can withstand the daily wear and tear of forklift traffic, Sealwell can cater to your needs. Our goal is to satisfy our clients with highly durable, affordable, and elegant flooring solutions. So, are you ready to install seamless floors? Our flooring manufacturers are there to serve you.

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Floor Preparation

Sealwell offers floor and surface preperation for all of our industrial flooring options. We provides best waterproofing treatment, resinous flooring, slip resistant floor coating, stain resistant flooring

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Polyurethane/Resin Flooring

We use a combination of both epoxy and polyurethane together for maximum quality and strength.

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Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is one of the most common and trending commercial flooring options.

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Outdoor Flooring

View our outdoor flooring options using both commercial epoxy flooring, as well as concrete and decorative broadcast systems.

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