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Create Seamless Surfaces with Epoxy Flooring Solution

Every business needs a seamless flooring solution that can increase operational efficiency and productivity. Are you looking for the same? Nothing is better than installing epoxy floors for a facility.  The coating offers strong durability, and long-lasting features, and can protect a surface against chemicals, stains, and regular wear.

At Sealwell, we create such a strong, functional floor with high-quality epoxy floor coating for every business space. Being a trusted epoxy flooring contractor in Jacksonville, FL, we ensure delivering the best result for both commercial and industrial projects.

Besides our team follow the best practices for epoxy flooring installation and use the right techniques to deliver superior-quality floors. No doubt, these floors meet all industry standards, providing top-notch epoxy flooring solution to your business.

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Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Jacksonville

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring to Transform Your Business Space

Epoxy flooring in Jacksonville is a trendy option, widely used for indoor spaces. Its exclusive texture offers an exceptional appearance, making the facility more attractive and appealing.

Here are several reasons why you should consider installing epoxy floors:

  • Water Resistant – Epoxy floors are non-porous in nature. Hence, cracks won’t appear on the floor during winter. Besides, you don’t need any waterproofing solutions. The polymer floor itself acts as a waterproof barrier.  
  • Easy Care – No doubt, epoxy floors are beautiful. And you can retain its beauty by maintaining the surface. Surprisingly, epoxy floor coating prevents the accumulation of dirt and hence, eliminates the need for frequent cleaning. You can simply use a soft cloth and a neutral cleaner to clean the surface and keep it shiny.  
  • Chemical Neutrality – Since epoxy floors can resist chemical reactions, you can clean the surface with different detergents. Floors coming in contact with alkalis and acids won’t cause any damage.  
  • Environmental Safety – The best thing about epoxy floor coating is that it’s non-toxic. In fact, it emits no harmful chemicals or harsh substances during installation. Therefore, it is an eco-friendly product for any commercial floor you are looking for.

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Sealwell has been serving businesses over 30 years, providing them the best flooring solution with epoxy resin. Our trained industrial flooring specialists perform a series of steps for safe and effective epoxy flooring installation. If you are interested in our comprehensive epoxy flooring services in Jacksonville, FL, we are just a call away. Schedule a visit to see how our durable epoxy floors can benefit your space.