Epoxy Flooring Jacksonville

When looking at different choices for flooring, you may have no idea about the best floor type for your location. Two popular types of flooring options include polyurethane and epoxy flooring in Jacksonville.

Polyurethane vs. Epoxy Flooring

While there are differences and similarities in polyurethane flooring and epoxy coated flooring in Jacksonville, these types of flooring options are both great choices.

Benefits of Polyurethane and Epoxy Floors

The benefits of polyurethane floors and epoxy coating in Jacksonville are extensive. The two of these types of floors are highly durable, resistant, and pleasing to the eye. Both polyurethane flooring and epoxy flooring leave a glossy finish. The surface of both of these types of floors is highly potent and long-lasting.

Differences of Polyurethane and Epoxy Coatings

Though both types of flooring options are great, there are a few differences between a polyurethane floor and an epoxy coating in Jacksonville. The major difference is that the epoxy flooring has a greater capability of resisting deterioration from even the strongest of UV lighting.

Epoxy Flooring Installation with Sealwell

Sealwell wants to be your preferred choice for any type of floor installation in Jacksonville. No matter if you are looking for polyurethane flooring, epoxy coating or both together to maximize their strength. Our team is dedicating their time and efficiency to provide you the best floor creation and installation of any floor type.

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