Commercial and Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Georgia


Do you want to retain the shine of your commercial or industrial property surface? All you need is quality epoxy flooring. 

Epoxy flooring is a perfect coating material for industrial surfaces and commercial properties like warehouses, hospitals, schools, offices, and more. Though you have numerous commercial or industrial flooring materials, many people prefer installing the epoxy coating. It is because epoxy floor coating materials provide durability to the surface and are resistant to moisture, cracks, chemicals, heat, and other environmental factors. 


  • Our epoxy floor coatings are available at affordable prices.
  • The coating material comes in special packaging that will maintain the quality of the product.
  • You can get the epoxy coating in standard packets of different sizes and quantity ranges.
  • We offer epoxy coating material in vivid colours, designs, and customised patterns too.
  • You will get well-tested and durable epoxy flooring material from suppliers in Georgia.


When it comes to flooring options for commercial spaces, epoxy floor coating can be the most preferred choice. Its exceptional durability, aesthetic appeal, and cost-effectiveness have excited businesses to choose industrial epoxy flooring over others. Likewise, several other reasons are there for which you can opt for epoxy flooring. Let’s unveil them.

Low maintenance requirements

Maintenance is paramount for a busy commercial space. In this scenario introducing something that requires low maintenance is like hitting a jackpot. That’s a crucial feature of our epoxy floor coating. Whether there are spills, stains or debris, you can easily keep the surface clean and well-maintained. Besides, you can add shine to your epoxy floors with regular sweeping and occasional mopping. Doing so will not just save your valuable time and effort but also ensure building a hygienic and safe environment.     

Enhanced safety

Commercial epoxy floor coatings can be customised to anti-slip additives, which further help improve traction and reduce the risk of slips and falls. Additionally, since these floors have the ability to reflect light, it reduces the chances of accidents in low-lit areas. It is how epoxy floors can help you create a safer workplace environment for your employees and customers. 


If you need an extensive range of design options to make your commercial floor aesthetically appealing, epoxy floor coating can meet your requirements. These are available in an array of colours, patterns, and finishes, allowing you to create a sleek, modern, and vibrant look according to your preferences. Besides, you can use these epoxy coatings to distinguish different areas within your commercial space, providing a functional and organised layout. It is how commercial epoxy floors add value to your workspace.


Another thing you will love the most about epoxy flooring is its high durability. It can endure wear and tear caused by strenuous activities and act as a chemical resistant when come in contact with any chemicals, oils, and solvents on a regular basis. It even protects the surface from UV rays and colour fade issues. Indeed, these floors are far better than conventional floor coating that cracks or chips easily. Hence, you don’t have to worry about breaking your floor if you drop a tool. 

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For long-lasting strength of your industrial and commercial property floor, you should choose the best quality epoxy floor coating. Also, it’s important to do the perfect installation of epoxy flooring that maintains its durability and shine for the long term.

At Sealwell, we have skilled experts who can perform the safe installation of epoxy coating on industrial and commercial properties. The steps involve: 

Step 1: We inspect the epoxy flooring installation area and perform several tests to determine the condition of the space. If there are any flaws on the surface, we remove them, like dust, dirt, cracks, gaps, etc., to make it clean.

Step 2: Next, we sprinkle water to label the surface and make it ready for coating.

Step 3: Proper surface preparation is crucial if you want to install epoxy flooring successfully. Our trained experts undergo several methods, like mechanical grinding, shot blasting, or acid etching to clean the surface thoroughly. We repair and fix any cracks using the right adhesives to ensure a smooth surface.  

Step 4: We add a primer to improve adhesion between the epoxy floor coating and the substrate. Later on, we mix all the contents of the epoxy coating mixture in proper ratios and blend them well.

Step 5: Finally, our experts apply the first coating on the surface using standard coating equipment such as a roller or a squeegee. They ensure that the surface has an even coverage and a consistent thickness, providing the desired surface look. It is when we add different additives like colour pigments, flakes, etc. to enhance the visible appearance. 

Step 6: We also apply a second epoxy coating to provide good strength to the surface and keep it durable for the long term. Once it’s done and the coating is dried, we send our team for final inspection and assure delivering high-quality floors on your commercial or industrial surface. 

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