Parking Deck System

At SealWell, we offer parking deck systems that are flexible, solvent free, and low VOCs (volatile organic compound). This provides a colorful waterproof wearing surface for exposed or covered parking structures.

Our protective garage coating system improves the overall structure of the parking deck by:

Parking Deck Flooring Systems

SealWell provides diverse flooring systems that come with a variety of textures. This allows us to meet the needs and demands of every unique client and facility.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-performance floor coatings that are truly durable. Even in the face of harsh weather conditions.

Our parking deck solution ensures your floor coating withstands the daily demands of high traffic. It should also be waterproofed.

Parking Deck Solutions

SealWell’s parking deck flooring solutions adequately performs in a variety of conditions. Especially if the parking deck or garage is in an area exposed to extreme weather conditions.

The parking deck flooring system we use is capable of withstanding harsh conditions including:

  • Extreme Temperature Changes
  • Prolonged Exposure To Moisture
  • Exposure To Acid Rain
  • Road Salt Tracked During The Winter

Our parking deck solutions provide additional traction support against moisture, water, and snow. This helps prevent a slick surface that is dangerous for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Benefits of SealWell’s Parking Garage Coatings

Strong & Safe

  • Hard wearing with high durability & abrasion resistance
  • Capable of withstanding heavy traffic, fuel and chemical spills

Creative Aesthetics

  • Select from a wide variety of colors and styles
  • Eye catching aesthetics with a light reflective finish
  • Used to define pedestrian and vehicle ares

Reduces Noise

  • Reduces tire squeals on your garage floors

SealWell’s parking deck systems are the ideal option for renovating existing parking structures. We also handle any new construction project you may have. Our parking garage coatings help maintain the structural integrity of any parking deck. With the constant wear of heavy vehicles as well as moving traffic, garage flooring needs to be:

  • Durable
  • Incredibly Strong
  • Properly Installed
  • Resistant To Deterioration

At SealWell, our parking deck systems are perfect for parking structures and commercial garage flooring. We properly help preserve the underlying concrete. Further ensuring the safety and lifespan of a concrete garage floor.


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