Chemical and Lab Flooring

Chemical Resistant Flooring & Coatings

Protective coatings and linings systems designed to contain chemical spills and chemical leaks. At SealWell, our chemical resistant flooring is tailored to meet the needs of your chemical process area. We provide the best chemical resistant system for mild to intermittent chemically exposed areas. As well as areas exposed to continuous chemical immersion.

Whether industrial or commercial concrete flooring and Chemical resistant floor, wall & lining system is very porous in nature. Therefore, without the use of a proper protective coating, chemical compounds can be absorbed. This causes the concrete flooring to deteriorate from within and seep down into the soil below. Causing further damage to your chemical lab flooring as well as the environment. We also serve Chemical resistant floor, wall & lining system GA.

Recommended Industries

Harmful chemicals are produced and used in a variety of industrial workplaces. Protecting your lab floors from chemical damage is crucial for your the success of your workplace. Recommended industries include:

Healthcare Facilities: Operating Rooms, Patient rooms

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: Chemical Laboratories, Chemical Facilities

General Manufacturing: Heavy-duty Food Processing Environments

Education: Kitchens, Laboratories

Wastewater: Processing Areas, Pits, Trenches, Secondary Containment


Selecting the right type of flooring for your chemical lab is a vital decision. Chemical facilities or chemical laboratories should always have chemically resistant flooring. Epoxy coatings, as well as polyurethane coatings, are excellent options for protective chemical lab flooring.


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