Floor Preparation

Surface preparation is the first step to take before the application of any coating. The overall performance of the coating is influenced by the quality of the surface preparation. Having the proper surface preparation is crucial to the overall surface treatment process.

SealWell’s surface preparation ensures quality coating performance and durability. This applies to all floor coating options.

Our Floor Surface Preparation

Our surface preparation ensures the coating properly bonds to the flooring. This way, we successfully extend your floor’s strength, durability, and aesthetics.

At SealWell, we determine the surface preparation option that works best with your flooring. For both commercial and industrial flooring, we determine the following factors:

Benefits of SealWell’s Surface Preparation

Each type of flooring requires surface preparation. It is an integral part of a flooring process since it sets the floor up for the work ahead.

The benefits our surface preparation provides includes:

Allows Bondage Preparation

A properly prepared flooring service acts as a precursor for the floor coating bondage.

Ensures Flatness

A flat surface has a direct effect on the level of quality from the base layer to the top layer. This helps determine the flatness of the flooring’s base during floor preparation.

Smooth Surface

Surface preparation allows time for the floor to be made bump free and without uneven areas. If the flooring is not prepared, rough surfaces will cause issues. The process of smoothing the surface sets the flooring up for additional layers.

SealWell’s Surface Preparation

SealWell’s surface preparation prevents your flooring form becoming defective. We ensure every step of your surface preparation process creates a safe and consistent flooring.


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