Health Care & Hospital Flooring

SealWell provides the most effective hospital floor for any healthcare facility. We offer two of the most popular and successful types of flooring for hospitals. Epoxy Coating Floors and Polyurethane Floor Coating.

Healthcare Flooring Requirements

For hospitals, hygienic flooring, healthcare facilities, and clinics, the flooring must obey certain requirements. The flooring must be easy to maintain, durable, and mobility friendly. Especially for wheelchairs, hospital beds, hospital stretchers, and IV poles. Hospital floors must be slip-resistant to prevent an accident or injury from occurring.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

As a concrete protectant and covering, epoxy can be installed in a variety of ways. Epoxy is one of the most commonly known and used concrete floor coatings.

SealWell’s Recommended Choice For Your Facility

Knowing which coating is right for your hospital or medical facility is critical to providing the best flooring system.

New or Existing Dry Concrete: Epoxy Flooring continues to provide the best protection for majority of concrete floors. It is the ideal choice for any industrial, commercial facility with new or existing concrete flooring.

Thermal Shock Conditions: Polyurethane floors is the way to go if the facility environment involves extreme temperature cycling. If dramatic floor and air temperature swings are common at your facility, polyurethane flooring is the best choice.

Moisture Conditions: Polyurethane floors provide enormous benefits for moisture tolerance. High humidity facilities can prevent concrete slabs from achieving an arid surface. An epoxy coating can only be installed once the concrete surface becomes arid. Therefore, polyurethane flooring is the go to choice for moisture conditions.

Healthcare, Medical, and Hospital Flooring System

Never compromise when it comes to infection control. The floors in healthcare environments are required to be part of infection control practices. In addition, the flooring systems in these facilities must be highly durable, easy to clean,m and stain resistant. SealWell provides the most resilient floors for Operating Rooms, labs, patient rooms, trauma centers, and more.


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