Epoxy and Polyurethane Flooring

Benefits of Epoxy and Polyurethane Flooring

The benefits of epoxy and polyurethane flooring are extensive, and most types of industrial and commercial environments prefer them. In fact, it is best to use the combination of both epoxy and polyurethane floorings together for maximum quality and strength.


Though sometimes used interchangeably, polyurethane and epoxy coatings are not the same and do hold some differences. Epoxy floor coatings do have a greater resistance, especially when it comes to the ability to withstand UV lighting.

Epoxy and polyurethane floor finishes are an exceptional options for flooring coats. It’s apparent how valuable these types of flooring are with them both being extremely resistant, durable, and attractive. Together, the two of these types of floor coatings can make up a highly resistant and praised choice of flooring.

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