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Which Industries Use Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring coats are some of the best solutions for a sturdy foundation. Their customization is a great benefit to a business which wants to add colors or decorations to their flooring. One type of flooring option is a metallic epoxy. Metallic epoxy flooring looks elegant and rustic. This is perfect for a restaurant or gallery which wants to give off an older feel to it. There are also many other industries that can make use of epoxy flooring in Tallahassee.

What Is Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy is a low yellowing surface coating that does not absorb light. A UV ray resistance means that light gets reflected to our eyes instead. Infused with a metallic pigment, these floorings can give off interesting visual effects. The arrangement of these pigments disperses when applied to the floor. The different colors are randomly mixed using leaf blowers or spatter techniques. The reflection of light off of their surface varies based on the multiple dimensions. This gives depth and diversity to the appearance with multi-dimensional hues.

A metallic epoxy can be durable, resist moisture, retain color, and antimicrobial. The surface of a metallic epoxy requires less maintenance because of its rustic appearance. While cleaning is still necessary to keep the reflective effect, dirt will be hidden by the different shades in the metallic appearance.

Who Can Benefit From Metallic Epoxy

The strength of metallic epoxy flooring allows many industries to enjoy the reliability of their ground. Bars and salons which can be magnets for careless customers will want a safe and slip resistant floor. Preventing any accidents of intoxicated persons will be worth it. The high-reflective property of metallic floors also gives an interesting effect in dimly lit environments. Any restaurant or bar which keeps their lights low will want the elegant atmosphere given off by these types of floors. Other businesses that can benefit from this look include hotels or stores that want to amaze their customers.

Residential construction also makes use of these durable floors. Living rooms can benefit from the glossy appeal of the reflections. Kitchens are under constant moisture from spills or heat. A slip-resistant floor for a residential or commercial kitchen would be ideal to keep cooking-related activities safe and clean. Basements can often track dirt and prove more difficult to clean. The metallic look which doesn’t show dirt as well can be a nice touch.

SealWell offers many different industrial flooring options in Tallahassee such as epoxy and polyurethane. Whether it is a metallic epoxy or some other durable coating, we can get the job done in a time frame that allows a building to resume business as soon as possible. Call us at 844-443-2844 to get a free quote now.