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All About Fire Station Flooring

Fire station Flooring

In order to maintain maximum efficiency for quick responses to an emergency, fire stations must have the right, slip-resistant flooring systems in place. SealWell is a commercial flooring company that provides high-quality floor coatings for the fire station industry because they require a reliable product.

Even Fire Stations Are Not Safe From Hazardous Conditions

From the living quarters to the storage of equipment and maintenance of vehicles, there are many activities a fire station will undergo. A universally slip resistant and protective flooring will be useful for all different types of activities here. If the textures of each floor are much different, the transition from one to the other quickly during an alarm may cause unintended variance. Even if the floors are slip resistant, a sudden change in the canvas can create a momentum shift that results in an accident. Having one company make optimal customized floor sealants for each of these areas can blend these differently purposed surfaces together for a stable path.

Vehicle decontamination is done indoors usually. The floor surfaces of the large garages used to clean the fire trucks will need to be able to withstand the strong chemicals used in the process. This also creates a wet surface during the washing process. A slip resistant floor will prevent any accidents from happening during a rush if a cleaning has been done recently.

Protective Coatings Can Also Provide a Functional Appearance

The appearance of a fire station can also be greatly affected by the flooring. Vivid red colors that represent fire stations retain their color despite UV ray exposure because of the protective coating. The fire station’s logo can also be designed on the floor and won’t wear down over time due to the strong resistance to abrasion of polyurethane sealants. Lines can be permanently placed into the floors to serve as guides for trucks backing up and for parking space identification.

Durability Is Necessary to Keep the Station Running

Depending on how long the station wants the floor to last will depend on how thick the coating should be. The longer lasting and thicker flooring coats will, of course, cost more and cover up any of the former imperfections. Adding on top of older floors will often be enough to prolong a floor for another year. Otherwise, a floor will require removal of the previous layer for a full rework. A thicker epoxy flooring system of 65 milligrams will last 3 years. A concrete epoxy flooring of 125 milligrams can endure for 5 years. A full floor resurfacing can last up to 10 years and is 250 milligrams thick.

For protecting a fire station floor or any other commercial industry, SealWell can serve each one the best flooring options to suit their purposes. Call us now at 844-443-2844 to receive a free quote.