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What Is A Waterproofing And Parking Deck System

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SealWell industrial floor experts are the number one choice for providing a waterproof treatment system to a parking deck system. We are the leading floor installation company and strive to provide the most practical flooring solutions. SealWell industrial floor experts provide a parking deck system treatment that is flexible, solvent free, and low VOC which provides a colorful waterproof wearing exposed surface. Waterproofing this kind of system has many benefits and features that allow a parking deck system to be quite effective.

Waterproofing And Parking Deck System

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What Is A Parking Deck System

A parking deck system is a treatment that is used to protect the surface of a parking garage. This is essential due to the amount of traffic for pedestrians and vehicles. A parking deck system should be able to withstand various conditions such as prolonged exposure to moisture. This kind of a system is crucial in order to add additional traction for a slick surface. A parking deck system should also be able to withstand motor oil, fuel spills, and heavy loads. This type of treatment should also use light colors which help to brighten underground parking garages. Therefore, this will improve safety and visibility which are essential for a parking structure. SealWell industrial floor experts provide the best parking deck system treatments that are waterproof and colorful for exposed and covered parking structures.


Waterproofing is the process of treating a surface to prevent the migration of water through cracks and seams. This process is crucial in order to mold, and mildew from getting to the walls and the floor surface of the parking structure. As a result, this will prevent deterioration. Waterproofing a parking deck system will add additional protection for pedestrians and vehicles. This will prevent slips and falls as walking on a slippery surface can be dangerous. A waterproofing treatment from Sealwell will allow the parking deck system to function quite well in wet weather.


There are many benefits to waterproofing a parking deck system treatment. Seawell’s parking deck system treatments are durable, safe, creative, and noise reducing. This allows for a functioning surface which will enhance appearance, improve traffic flow, and minimal maintenance. SealWell provides parking deck system treatments that are ideal for renovations of an existing structure or a new construction project. Using Sealwell industrial floor experts to perform these types of treatments will allow for a professional and clean job. SealWell uses the newest equipment and machines to perform this job leaving customers quite satisfied.

SealWell industrial floor experts are the number one choice of waterproof treatment of a parking deck system. We are dedicated to providing the best parking deck system, and waterproof treatments to any garage surface. Our qualified professionals have years of experience and will perform a top-notch job on any parking garage structure. Call today at (844) 443-2844 to receive a free quote on one of our many professional floor treatments!