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What is ESD Flooring

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ESD Flooring

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What is ESD Flooring

ESD flooring (also known as ESD) is the release of the static electricity when two objects come
into contact. The term ESD stands for a sudden flow of electricity between two electrically
charged objects caused by contact. As a result, this causes an electrical short or dielectric
breakdown. A buildup of electricity can be caused by tribocharging or by an electrostatic

How It Works

ESD flooring is created from a combination of materials, including carbon fibers that transfer the
electrostatic charge from a person to the flooring. This type of flooring contains a conductive
particle within its matrix which allows the coating to be electrically active. Just like a wire, it is
able to carry an electrical charge from one point to another. The direct and intentional flow of an
electrical current and discharge can eliminate or minimize the potential of an electrostatic
discharge. This can damage various sensitive electronic components during manufacturing.


There are many benefits to installing ESD flooring. One benefit is this type of flooring helps to
prevent static generation and ESD events. Therefore, this can minimize incidents of EDS events
which is essential in creating a safer workplace. ESD flooring performs better than tile which can
delaminate under certain heavy-duty conditions. This type of flooring creates a 100% effective
static-controlled environment and protects against sensitive electrical components from
damaging static electricity.


This type of flooring is essential across many industries. The risk of unwanted static discharge
consequences may range from extremely critical to life-threatening. This is a result of unwanted
spark generation which may cause an explosion in flammable environments. A factory that
produces electronic components is a facility that benefits from ESD flooring. Various electronic
equipment within an electronic facility may be sensitive to electrostatic discharge. As a result,
electric discharge (also known as a static shock) may damage the equipment. This type of
flooring provides assurance against static episodes that may compromise the proper functioning
of expensive equipment. As a result, ESD flooring can help keep equipment functioning as
needed, prevent system breakdowns and, support employee safety.

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