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FDA And USDA Approved Flooring Regulations

Warehouse Flooring

SealWell industrial floor experts is the best company for commercial flooring and industrial flooring services. We strive to provide the most practical options for flooring for any business, home, store, or general location. While choosing a floor for a commercial facility, a business owner must be informed of the FDA and USDA approved flooring regulations. These guidelines and requirements must be put into place in order to keep customers, and employees safe along with passing health inspections.

FDA And USDA Approved Flooring Regulations

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What Is the FDA

The FDA is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services and is one of the United States federal executive departments. Founded in 1906 by Theodore Roosevelt and Harvey Washington Wiley, this organization became responsible for protecting the public by ensuring, the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices. In addition, the FDA also ensures the safety of the US food supply and cosmetic products. This organization is essential in order to ensure that people are consuming and using safe products.

What Is The USDA

The USDA is is another essential federal government organization. This organization was created in 1862 by President Abraham Lincoln. The USDA develops and executes federal laws related to farming and food. We regulate the safety of poultry, and egg production. The role of this organization is essential in order to ensure that Americans are consuming clean animal products.

Flooring Regulations

The FDA and USDA have mandatory flooring regulations put into place for all industries and operators. FDA and USDA regulations are associated with environmental regulations for all operator’s floors due to the risks associated with handling food/beverages, and medical products in these facilities. Floors that are constructed for food/beverage and the health care facility industry must use a coating that is durable and thick enough to create a protective barrier. The protective barrier must be designed in order prevent contaminants from permeating the surface and must ensure a hygienic surface. The FDA and USDA regulations are implemented in order to help prevent floors in these facilities from becoming a breeding ground for microbes, mold, and structural damage. Therefore, these regulations are crucial in order to have safe and sanitary working conditions.

Polyurethane Mortar Flooring

SealWell’s polyurethane mortar or cement flooring is a high performance, clean, and durable floor. This type of flooring meets the FDA and USDA regulations due to its characteristics such as being able to withstand constant moisture and bacteria from ingredients. This kind of a barrier allows for a hygienic surface and protection against various contaminants. The polyurethane floor is easy to maintain which is the best type of flooring for a food/beverage or healthcare facility.

SealWell industrial floor experts provide the best commercial flooring and industrial flooring services and treatments. SealWell industrial floor experts have an excellent team of qualified professionals who are equipped to design a floor to abide by the FDA and USDA regulations. Call today at (844) 443-2844 to speak to a qualified representative regarding our many floor designs.