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Epoxy and Urethane Floor Systems

The benefits of epoxy and polyurethane flooring are extensive, and most types of industrial and commercial environments prefer them. In fact, it is best to use the combination of both epoxy and polyurethane floorings together for maximum quality and strength.

Safety Line Marking

Most companies require safety line marking on their business floors for safety, organization, and productivity. Safety Line Markings are permanent colored lines on the ground’s floor surface that specifically separate, guide, and block off designated areas in a particular location, such as a warehouse, backroom, etc. A great type of floor coating to use for safety line markings is epoxy. The advantages of using epoxy over other types…

Mortar System & Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing can take place with any number of mortar systems. The mortar system can be done for a multitude of versatile locations, such as forklift areas, manufacturing bases, bathrooms, service locations, and more! The specific combination for an epoxy mortar includes aggregates and polymer resins, which are put together for the resurfacing of concrete floors.

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is one of the most common and trending flooring options. There are a vast amount of reasons for choosing a concrete finish.

Decorative Broadcast System

Polished concrete is rising in popularity as an ideal flooring option. With this becoming the latest type of flooring used both commercially and individually in homes, there has been all types of unique ways to restructure and personalize the flooring. Concrete floor finishes now come in a variety of different decorative designs and then there is even the option of acid staining the surface.

Waterproofing & Parking Deck System

Sealwell Inc. parking deck systems are flexible, solvent free, low VOC which provides a colorful waterproof wearing surface for exposed and covered parking structures.

Special Flooring Services

At Sealwell, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality for all of our flooring options and coating techniques. It is our determination to provide safe and effective surfaces for commercial and industrial purposes.

Surface Preparation

Each type of flooring requires the important phase of surface preparation. This is an integral part of the flooring process because it essentially sets the floor up for the work ahead.