Safety Line Marking

Epoxy Safety Line Marking provides permanent safety traffic lines that outwear standard paint. Leaving behind a very durable gloss finish that is resistant to abrasions as well as harsh chemicals. Making epoxy safety line marking an ideal choice for high traffic areas.

All employees have the right to work in a safe working environment. Many hazards exist no matter how safe a modern workplace may be. Heavy equipment other machinery makes it difficult for employees to navigate themselves safely. That is why floor markings in facilities are essential.

Safety Line Markings are a crucial component to having a safe workplace. With lines, stripes, or dotted lines marking the facility floors, you provide order for your employees. Safety lines such as these prevent employees from straying into hazardous areas. Keeping your business and its employees safe from preventable accidents.

Reduce Hazards & Increase Efficiency

Implementing floor markings with epoxy paint can improve your facility’s efficiency by:

  • Separates Employees From Machinery & Moving Equipment
    • Designates paths to protect people from forklifts, heavy machinery, and electric panels
  • Warning of Hazards
    • Keeps employees safe from dangerous equipment and hazardous areas
  • Provides Guidance
    • Safely designates areas where employees can stand as well as areas they need to avoid
  • Employees Remain Safe in Low-Light Settings
    • The epoxy paint is luminescent. Allowing employees to find equipment and exits in low-light situations.

Epoxy Coated Safety Lines

SealWell’s epoxy safety line markings are permanent colored lines on your facility’s floor surface. Specifically designed to guide, separate, and block off designated areas.

Color Variety

Epoxy coats are offered in a variety of colors. Each color represents a different message. For example, Yellow represents caution whereas Green represents a safe zone.

Low Maintenance

Our epoxy coatings are high quality. They require little effort to maintain and clean.

Withstand High Traffic Volume

Capable of withstanding heavy volume foot traffic and tires. Epoxy coatings prove durable whereas traditional paints fade and peel away.  


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