Mortar System & Concrete Resurfacing

What Is Epoxy Mortar?

Concrete resurfacing can take place with any number of mortar systems. The mortar system can be done for a multitude of versatile locations, such as forklift areas, manufacturing bases, bathrooms, service locations, and more! The specific combination for an epoxy mortar includes aggregates and polymer resins, which are put together for the resurfacing of concrete floors. Epoxy mortar flooring allows for a variety of options blends, including ones that are acid-resistant, designed for food processing, specific to cold temperatures reaching as low as 25 degrees F, and able to hit below zero degrees F.

Epoxy Mortar Flooring

When concrete is being resurfaced, the epoxy mortar system holds many benefits. Epoxy mortar allows for a safe way for businesses to keep their space from floor breakage, damage from chemicals, and other hazards. This type of flooring system provides safety and efficacy, which is ideal for any business location.

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