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How To Choose The Color Of My Floor

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SealWell Inc is the best company for concrete floor finishes and decorative flooring
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floor design of each industry. SealWell Inc is equipped with the right machinery and tools to add
color to any floor surface.

How To Choose The Color Of My Floor

? Retail/Commercial
? Healthcare
? Warehousing
? Food and Beverage


The use of color has a subliminal effect on customers and can influence their behavior.
Choosing the right color for a retail/commercial property will make quite a difference. There are
various colors that suit a retail/commercial property best. Warm colors such as oranges and
browns are inviting and are reassuring to shoppers, while cooling colors like green and blue
have a calming effect. The color of the floor may also depend on the products being sold and
the size of the store. A retail or commercial client may also want the colors of the floor to match
their logo. This will result in brand recognition which is essential for a business.


There are various colors that benefit a healthcare facility. Choosing the right color for a
healthcare facility can have a lasting impact on patients and staff. Floors in a healthcare facility’s
should be reflectors of light and should be finished in a light color. Patient rooms should have a
relaxing floor color in order to aid in the patients healing process. Colors such as blue can help
lower the heart rate while green promotes restfulness.


A warehouse is a commercial building for storage of goods. Choosing the right color flooring in a
warehouse is essential to the function of the warehouse and its employees. Yellow is an
excellent color for a warehouse floor. Traffic lanes, such as isles that are used for forklifts and
other heavy machinery should be marked with yellow lines. Red and white should be applied to
a warehouse floor in order to show where chemicals and electrical panels are stored. These
different shades are essential in order to indicate each area and will allow for organization.

Food and Beverage

Choosing the proper floor color for a restaurant is essential. The color of the floor affects all
areas of a restaurant. Bright colors work as a positive stimulant and subtle colors may project a
sense of airiness. In addition, lighter colors may make the room seem more spacious, while
darker colors can create a feeling of intimacy.

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