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Top Reasons To Use Seamless Flooring In Your Restaurant Floor

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A restaurant flooring will be under constant strain with all types of people coming and going with
dirt and food being left behind. Choosing the right type of floor is important for the owners,
employees, and customers to be as efficient as possible. Restaurant flooring in a food and beverage facility
should be safe, enticing, and resistant to damage. While several types of flooring options can
offer these qualities, Sealwell’s slip resistant, seamless flooring can withstand constant moisture
and bacteria from food, drinks, and dirt to keep the business in presentable condition at all

Restaurant Seamless Floors

The floor in a restaurant can vary from a lobby area to a kitchen to an eating area. The transition
from one area to the next can bring in unwanted dirt and materials that can be difficult to avoid.
A seamless slip, resistant flooring that is easy to maintain and can withstand harsh cleaning,
dropped objects and abrasive wear. Quick installation is important to keep a business running.

Specific materials for each area of the restaurant is essential to creating a long-lasting floor.
Urethane and methyl methacrylate are suitable for their durability, but not all floors will use the
same material. There are many subtle variations and combinations of material that make a big
difference to the appearance and durability of the floor.

When properly specified and installed, seamless floors offer restaurant kitchens some amazing
performance to keep production moving while also staying clean. Seamless floors are ideal for
maintaining a sanitary environment because they do not have cracks or crevasses where
harmful dirt, bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi can get stuck and be difficult to clean. They also
are completely solid so stains and liquids are easy to remove. Resistance to impact damage
also prevents scratches and holes from being created which can attract dirt and liquids
underneath the seal. The imperviousness of seamless flooring guarantees long-lasting

Heat and Chemical Resistance

What really distinguishes a seamless industrial flooring from others is the ability to tolerate heat
and thermal dynamics. Boiling water and the rapid change from hot to cold will not damage the
floor which can withstand up to 250°F temperatures.

Chemical resistant properties enable the floor to handle cooking oils, acids, and alkalis
commonly found in restaurants. Harsh cleaning agents can also be used to keep the area clean
without damaging the floor.

With the constant movement of customers and employees through a restaurant, slip-resistant
textures will improve the safety of everyone. This may make cleaning a little harder but will be
important for places that are more susceptible to spills such as bar areas.

For those looking to improve the efficiency of their restaurant, contact Sealwell now by calling
1 (844) 443-2844 and we can help find you the material right for the context.