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All About Acid Concrete Floor Staining

Acid Stain Concrete

Stained Concrete Flooring: Acid concrete staining has become a popular flooring option for commercial facilities and homes. SealWell Industrial floor experts perform commercial flooring in St. Petersburg and the surrounding area. We offer excellent Stain Concrete Flooring services that can beautify any floor.

All About Acid Concrete Floor Staining

  • Acid Concrete Floor Staining Treatment
  • Applying The Staining To A Surface
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Acid Concrete Floor Staining Treatment

Stain Concrete Flooring FL and Acid concrete floor staining is a mixture of water, hydrochloric acid, and acid-soluble metallic salts. These chemicals work by penetrating the surface and reacting chemically with the hydrated lime in the concrete. This type of staining is see-through and the color that is produced will depend on the color and condition of the substrate they are applied to. This will result in a permanent stain and won’t fade or chip off. This floor treatment is great for people who want to achieve a unique decorative effect for their home or commercial facility. Acid-treated concrete is available in earth tones, such as tans, browns, and soft blue-greens.

Applying The Stained Concrete Flooring To A Surface

Preparing the surface for an acid concrete floor treatment is essential. First, a surface must be cleaned in order for the product to be applied. Acid staining is semi-transparent and will result in revealing any impurities. Using a pressure washer to clean the concrete surface is the most effective method of cleaning the surface. Drying the concrete can be completed by using a shop vac which will speed up the process. The surface needs 24 hours to dry before adding the staining to the concrete. The area must then be protected with tape and a covering to avoid staining other areas. As the acid staining is being applied, it will begin to deepen and develop into the surface within hours. The concrete will also need 24 hours to dry and may require additional coats. The final steps involve removing the acid, applying a seal, and polish for a finished look.


There are great benefits to the process of acid floor staining a concrete surface. Lower costs, custom design possibilities, and durability make acid floor staining an excellent choice. Concrete that has been treated with acid floor staining is offered in a variety of finishes that provide a similar look and feel to marble. Acid floor staining treatment is quite durable. Therefore, the surface does not wear out, is inflammable, and does not chip or peel. This type of treatment is also sealed with solid acrylic sprays which makes it impossible for allergens, mites, and pollens to penetrate through the surface. As a result, this will provide relief to allergy sufferers.

SealWell has all of the acid concrete staining supplies and commercial flooring needs in St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas for many different industries. Our experienced professionals have years of experience and will perform an excellent job on any floor surface. Call today at (844) 443-2844 to receive a free quote on one of our many professional floor treatments! We performs commercial Stain concrete flooring GA, FL and all over USA.