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Concrete Polishing: Top 5 Benefits for Industrial Floors

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Concrete Polishing is an industrial floor option that has become extremely popular for businesses all across Jacksonville. No matter the business, there is always need to be prepared for when customers come in. Concrete polished floors create a safe and easy to maintain an environment that is cost-effective. Unlike an epoxy coating, concrete polishing gives you the freedom to be creative with any sort of designs you may want, including patterns and logos, while not having to worry about scratching the floors.

Benefits of Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing provides a great number of benefits that businesses in Jacksonville have been taking advantage of. The polish does more than just make your floors look shiny, the smooth surface is inviting to customers and shows them that the business cares about every little detail. The most important benefits or labeled below:

  • Heavy Duty
  • Cost Efficient
  • Easy to Clean
  • Beautiful Appearance
  • Eco-friendly

Heavy Duty

Adding a concrete polish to industrial flooring does more than just make it appealing to look at, it also adds a heavy durability to the floor. When a polish is applied and taken care of, floors can last for almost a hundred years without having to do any sort of serious work to them. Polished floors also eliminate any worry of peeling because of the seal. Restaurants located in Jacksonville have been using polished concrete due to its amazing stain resistant ability. No longer do businesses have to worry about a spilled drink staining the floors!

Cost Efficient

Concrete polishing is one of the cheapest and smartest flooring options any business can go with. Every floor is different, but the cost of the polish per square foot is much cheaper than any other solution out there. When polishing commercial floors, the existing concrete is used so there’s no worry of having to pay additional money to re-lay or replace anything. Once the floors have been polished, the high durability the polish possesses will make sure the business doesn’t have to spend any additional money on the floors because of wear and tear.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning polished floors is low maintenance and easy to do! Depending on the amount of activity the floors have, a light, weekly mop will maintain the floor. The polish also doesn’t house any sort of dust, pollen, or allergens. Warehouses in Jacksonville have been using concrete polish thanks to the glossy surfaces ability to resist tire marks, oil spills, and chemical spills. Thanks to the traits the polish gives, it eliminates the need to use any form of messy wax or coating and the time and labor that comes with it.

Beautiful Appearance

When people think of concrete flooring, they probably get the same, usually dull, gray appearance. Concrete’s ability to take in the color and polished sheen makes it one of the best flooring options around. Putting a concrete polish on your business’s floor can make it seem much more inviting. The reflective quality of the polish makes any office, restaurant, or hotel look much brighter, cleaner, and give a professional image. Seawell also offers a great selection of colors and designs, giving you full control of what you want the business to look like.


Concrete polishing is a sustainable choice for the environment that is cost-efficient and looks amazing. No additional labor or materials are needed to begin placing the polish because the same concrete is used. The long-lasting property of the polish also assures the business that no additional labor will have to be used in the future.

Businesses that want a floor that is durable and looks good, Seawell’s concrete polishing has it covered. Contact Sealwell at 1-877-231-4252 for a free quote today.