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Concrete Coating for Industrial Floors

Industrial Floors

Epoxy and Urethane-Coated Industrial Floors are one of the most popular applications for the protection and durability of a concrete floor. They are a cost-effective and safe alternative to other applications of commercial flooring systems such as vinyl, polished, or densified concrete. Industrial concrete coats provide a resilient and seamless finish that is resistant to chemical and liquid stains.

Industrial concrete coatings typically incorporate several types of coatings that are epoxy or urethane based. The coatings are also available in a variety of colors and finishes. Commercial concrete floors benefit from the application of coating solutions because of the strength and resilience they provide. Here are some of the benefits that concrete floor coats offer.

  • High chemical and stain resistance
  • Customizable colors and textures
  • Excellent substrate adhesion
  • High traction flooring solution
  • Increased durability and longevity

Concrete Floor Damage and Solution

Industrial flooring can sustain damage without the proper floor treatment such as an epoxy or urethane coating. Chemical spills and accidental droppings are just some of the ways commercial floors can become damaged. Over time, concrete floors can show signs of cracks, scratches, and residue buildup which lowers the integrity of the substrate below. Treating an industrial floor with a coat preserves concrete floors and the substrate under it. This helps keep your commercial facility’s floor looking pristine while being durable.

Maintenance Simplified

Once the coat treatment solution is applied, maintaining your industrial flooring becomes easy. For example, laboratories and beverage plants can experience moments of accidental spillage. The accidental spills of liquid or chemicals are harmful to an industrial floor without a coating treatment. The liquid can seep into the substrate, causing structural damage. One of the benefits of a floor treatment coating is when accidents happen, your floor is not only protected, but it’s an easy cleanup. Also, cleaning routines such as sweeping can be performed less frequently because the coat treatment solution helps creates a smooth surface for easy sweeping.

Floor Coat Treatment

There are numerous benefits that floor coat treatment can provide to a commercial property. Property owners that are seeking a company that can apply a floor coat solution for an industrial complex, then turn to the service professionals at SealWell. As the industrial floor experts, SealWell can not only apply coat finishings for commercial flooring, but they also prepare and resurface concrete floors, ensuring the strongest bond between the coat solution and concrete. Contact Sealwell for a free quote on your buildings floor treatment needs at 1-877-231-4252.