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Why Choose Concrete Flooring For Miami Facilities

Concrete Flooring

Polished concrete flooring is an ideal flooring solution for facilities and buildings across the great City of Miami. From the variety of finishes available to the durability and ease of maintenance, concrete flooring can be a no-brainer for many commercial and industrial property owners. A beneficial and versatile material, concrete can be coated and treated to match almost any style of office or building. Here are many of the reasons why concrete flooring is beneficial for a Miami property.

Benefits of Concrete Floors

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Easy to clean
  • Surface is smooth and shiny
  • Increases property value
  • Variety of finish options
  • Environmentally Friendly

Concrete Floor Finishes

The wide variety of finish options for concrete flooring makes polished concrete a possibility for any number of industries and facilities. Choose from different colors or even patterns for your floor finish. Concrete floors do not have to be plain or boring, they can be any color that matches a building’s theme. White walls make a room feel more open, but colored floors make a room feel fun. The use of terrazzo, flake, and quartz options create a brilliant texture that will brighten any office or commercial space.

Epoxy & Urethane Coatings

Concrete itself is a very hard and strong surface, but it can chip when disturbed in the right way. The use of epoxy and urethane coatings protect concrete floors from harm’s way. Epoxy is actually 3 times stronger than concrete and creates a perfect seal to protect commercial floors. In fact, epoxy or urethane coated concrete floors are probably the strongest combination possible. If you want long-lasting, strong, and durable floors, then you need coated concrete flooring.

Polished concrete floors and epoxy coated concrete floors are a cost-effective solution for many reasons. Installation of concrete floors is extremely economical and maintaining them is easy. Most spills and stains easily come right up off of these smooth floors with just some warm water and a tough mop. Save money on cleaning services and supplies, as well as, year over year general maintenance. The durability of concrete floors means fewer cracks, chips, and scratches. Even if industrial floors are somehow damaged or if they wear over many years, applying a new coat of epoxy or urethane is inexpensive and easy with a concrete flooring company. Save money short term and long term when you opt for concrete floors in your Miami building.

Professional Concrete Floor Installation

Businesses only want the best products and service. Industrial floors will be seen by every employee, customer, and visitor, and they should be strong and look great.  Contact SealWell at (877) 959-3940 for exceptional polished concrete flooring in Miami.