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Air Hangar Floors in Civil and Military Airports and Heliports

Air Hangar Epoxy Floor

With the development of airports, air transport and airlines around the world are investing in high-end infrastructure and conveniences for airplanes.

Air Hangar Floors in Civil and military Airports and Heliports have special specifications and requirement. Whether in a storage hangar, fuel hangar and maintenance hangar, floors are predictable to possess extracting performance features that assistance promotes operational effectiveness.

Sealwell Industrial Floor Experts finishes have been constantly specified by the U.S Government for more than 25 years and continue to be installed and serve in hundreds of conveniences around all over the worlds.

Air Hangar Epoxy Floor Characteristics

Form privately- owned hangars to large government centers, when it emanates to hangar flooring, the same basic contemplations apply to all:

  • Light Reflectivity – Contingent upon the Epoxy Floor finish chosen for commercial settings or military, the Light Reflectivity level will improve illumination above and under aircraft, and it reduces the need for extra light fixtures, thus assistance to curb energy costs.


  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning- The Range of Hangar Floor area can be 2,500 sq. ft. to 250,000 sq. ft. and larger. Such expanses require floors that are economical and very quick and easy to maintain.


  • Abrasion Resistance- Hangar Flooring have superior high wear properties against scrapes and scratches caused by dropped nuts and bolts, dragged tools or equipment.


  • Chemical Resistance- The incidence of special aviation fuels and advanced fire resistant hydraulic fluids like hot tires, Skydrol, not to mention lubricants, and corrosive clean-up liquids, is the norm in air hangars. Flooring must be able of withstanding both short and longer- term exposure to these substances without staining.


  • Decorative Elements- While very light colors may be regularly needed for aircraft parking and maintenance area of the floor, lots of hangar owners now opt for an infusion of color by delineating a colored border around the floor perimeter or in the form of organizational logos or messages that can be incorporated into floor finish.


  • Electrostatic Dissipation- Hangars that house expensive electronics, explosive materials require additional precautions to safeguard equipment and personnel. Our Consistently consistent electrostatic dissipative and conductive hangar flooring is available for these special applications.


  • Color Selection- Lighter and Lighter Gray epoxy floor finishes for military use, are naturally identified for safety, permitting high discernibility of any items that might have been placed or forgotten on the floor during aircraft maintenance, as well as making fluids or we areas simple to spot for proper cleanup.


  • Moisture Issues- Slab-on-grade structures are at hazard for moistness and moisture vapor transmission issue, irrespective of the floor covering selected. Air Hangars are no exception. Luckily, we have the best MVT remediation solution in our proven.

Slip-Resistance and Easy Maintenance — A Variety of fine aggregates like numerous grades of white aluminum oxide are obtainable to professional hangar flooring installers, to make the exact skid- resistant possessions desired by capability owners. These features, along with precise needs and conditions, are taken into consideration when our technical professional designs the custom hangar flooring for all unique aviation operation.

Tips on Choosing Aircraft Hangar Flooring


  • Durability
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Colour
  • Aesthetics
  • Easy to clean
  • Antistatic


Safety and Value of Epoxy Floor Finishes


No other manufactures can beat Sealwell Industrial Floor Experts knowledge and experience and Sheer Four-sided footage of successfully installed, beautiful hangar floors. Our aviation flooring solutions assistance keep mechanics, pilots, aircraft and passengers safe and also gives the best in hangar flooring value.

Would You Like to Learn More? If you are searching for flooring solution for an Aircraft Hangar Project or easy need to know more information on these products kindly contact your local Sealwell Industrial Floor Experts.