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Advantages of Concrete Waterproofing

Waterproofing concrete is a great way to reduce maintenance costs when building a structure. It helps in making sure that the building dos not suffer from water damage that can be a big risk to the integrity of the structure. Commercial buildings having many levels can experience damage because of water seepage. To prevent such a situation, it is essential to go for concrete waterproofing when building a roof or a balcony.

Concrete waterproofing has many benefits for the owner and residents of the building.

  • If concrete waterproofing is carried out at the stage of construction, it makes sure there is no mildew and mold in the floor or the walls at the lower levels of the building.
  • It helps in maintaining the structural integrity of the building and keeps the inmates safe and secure.
  • Concrete waterproofing helps in reducing maintenance costs of a building
  • It helps in increasing the value of the property

There are many ways to make floors strong, durable and water resistant.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial epoxy flooring is a wonderful way to make the floor strong and durable. It is a method of coating the existing flooring with a layer of epoxy to make it strong. Commercial Epoxy Flooring also helps in protecting the underlying concrete form moisture, cracks, and grease. It is a wonderful way to protect your flooring when it experiences a lot of footfall and movement of goods. Epoxy floors are so strong that they can remain intact without any wear and tear even in heavy traffic areas. This is why more and more owners are going for commercial epoxy flooring in places like hospitals shopping malls, groceries, and industrial environments.

Concrete Densifier

It is a chemical that is added at the time of construction of the concrete floor. Two coats of this chemical should be applied to the surface of the floor, second after 4-6 hours of application of the first coating. Concrete densifier or hardener can be applied with the help of a mop or a hair broom. A concrete densifier works by fusing the sand particles and the inert compounds into a crystalline bond. It fills the pores, thereby increasing surface density.

Slip Resistant Floor

If your facility has flooring that comes in contact with liquids to create potentially hazardous conditions for the people, it is possible to get slip resistant flooring.  This slip resistant flooring that is often textured prevents the risk of slips and other accidents, thereby making your facility safe for the people working or visiting it.

Commercial Floor Coating

Commercial Floor Coating is a perfect answer to all kinds of problems with floors. It is an epoxy resin that forms a coating over the existing flooring and has the capacity to withstand the most demanding environments. This coating makes concrete floor strong and protects it from moisture and cracks. This epoxy resin coating also protects the concrete floor from all kinds of spills, including chemicals.