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What Are Epoxy Flooring For Commercial Spaces?

Epoxy Flooring for Commercial Spaces

An epoxy floor coating is a protective and attractive coating which can be applied to old or new concrete surfaces. Our concrete epoxy doesn’t only shield your concrete from moisture stains harm, it looks great doing it. We provide a full variety of top grade epoxy concrete flooring solutions for all sorts of applications.

Owners frequently turn to epoxy coating systems to create a higher and durable functionality garage floor epoxy surface. Our epoxy garage floor coating in Orlando, FL can withstand traffic, dropped tools, oil, moisture, and gas with ease. The easy concrete sandpaper installation stops concrete dusting for a good and creates a low maintenance system that is easy to wash and mop.

A basement flooring In Orlando, FL is another popular solution. As opposed to installing a traditional floor covering above your concrete, an epoxy coating helps water-proof your basement while providing a smooth, slip resistant, and attractive surface. Epoxy coatings can be as decorative as you want. Metallic Epoxy Flooring may create a distinctive look in the basement or you can elect for a colour, fleck epoxy, or even a model of your choice.

Polished Concrete Floor

As one of the leading concreting polishing firms in Orlando, FL, we provide dependable and economical concrete grinding and polishing to take your existing concrete floors to the next level.

A Polished Concrete Flooring increase the durability and longevity of your concrete flooring by sealing the pores in the concrete and densifying the surface. Engineered concrete is a very common solution for commercial and industrial flooring however it could additionally be a spectacular choice for Commercial spaces, including basements and garages.

Our concrete polishing contractors provide concrete polishing support for a selection of applications.

Do not be fooled into thinking a polished concrete flooring needs to be industrial and chilly. Since we use a multi stage process to polish concrete, we may integrate stains and varying degrees of finishes to achieve just the look you are going for.

We may integrate images and flooring logos to our customized polished concrete solutions or create beautiful polished flooring that looks like stunning stained wood.

Polished Floor

Polished concrete flooring comes along with many benefits for customers. Our commercial polished concrete floors resist moisture, stains, and cracks, along with other sorts of harm. Polished concrete basement flooring can expand your living space with a low maintenance flooring solution that is easy to clean. A polished concrete garage flooring may also improve your home’s value and provide you the perfect flooring solution for working on your vehicle or hobbies.

Because polished concrete uses the existing slab on grade without adding a brand new flooring material, it is a cost efficient solution for businesses. Our polishing process densifies and clogs the surface of your concrete to create a hardworking surface that repels fluids and substances while defying wear.

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