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Industrial & Commercial Flooring Solutions

commercial flooring services

Industrial & Commercial Flooring Solutions

For industrial, we’re talking about any sort of business which needs some kind of fabricating, moving and storing goods or the first production ingredients. This can relate to any type of activity from metal fabrication process to other area of production like food related to manufacturing process. Where many machines processes and maintenance is your routine.

For commercial, we’re referring to the commercial concrete floor coatings which are thought to be designed and their primary use would benefit companies at environments like galleries, automobile showrooms at Restaurants and bars.

No matter industrial or commercial nature of the company, all fantastic working environments must have one thing in common. A well-kept, concrete floor

These concrete floor are constructed to serve a purpose, but for a long time. Providing a solid flooring system for your employees and tools/machines became the basic norm for every single business in the last few decades.

Concrete floors are fantastic. Yet the only imperfection they have problems with is they weren’t designed to provide a high standard security at work, performance, or perhaps the aesthetic your company environment needs for.

Concrete flooring easily absorbs stains. When it does, it’s really difficult and pricey to get it back into the look it once had.

Fortunately there are many systems for maintaining concrete floors great in look, physic, and function. This is usually accomplished by planning and installing a custom design coat solution. Solutions may offer.

  • Extra protection against abrasion or heavy foot traffic!
  • Supplying surface for the workers to work and walk on
  • Providing the commercial of the floor against spilling incidents such as chemical fluids.
  • A desired look that keeps its aesthetics for years to come when it’s set up and maintained properly.
  • Being able to select from a broad range of physical characteristics, and advantages while still retaining the beauty of it.


This is a fantastic concrete foundation floor is the most essential requirement of attaining a perfect floor system.

Concrete floors are made from concretes, yes which was clear! We all know that. However, what I didn’t know was that after years of walking on them they have a tendency to accumulate derbies and germs that could affect the physical consequences of the concrete floor. Years of walking and transferring things, and the concrete floor might become slippery, risking the security of men and women who work there. Several years of handling chemicals elements of the manufacturing process and you end up having contamination and chemical residue on the floor which may affect the quality of your goods, and the health your employees.

The first phase of contemplating a coating or polishing solution for your concrete flooring is to comprehend what your requirements are, and ensure you know how that solution is going to assist your business.

This can be done by asking a specialised inspector from an industrial/commercial flooring company to pay your business a visit.

They can inspect your existing floor to;

  • Comprehend the condition of the concrete floor, conceivable former damages
  • Comprehend your business and what your business is trying to achieve
  • Listen to your requirements and challenge
  • Deliver you with feedback and recommendations of why a precise solution would work for you.
  • Lastly she or he can offer you with a project proposal that is custom-made for your business.

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