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Is Industrial Epoxy Flooring Worth the Investment in Jacksonville?

industrial flooring Jacksonville

From warehouses to chemical plants, flooring plays a key role. And the right flooring option must enhance productivity and efficiency of work.

When it comes to industrial flooring in Jacksonville, epoxy is a prime choice. Epoxy, resistant to cracking, also protects against chemical spills, corrosion, and abrasion. In warehouses or labs, it is essential to clean the spills as soon as possible; such incidents do not damage epoxy floors.

Moreover, epoxy coating offers several benefits compared to traditional flooring systems. Here, we will go over the key advantages of industrial epoxy flooring in Jacksonville.

Why epoxy flooring is a popular choice in business environments

As we know, industrial facilities see a significant amount of foot traffic every day. In this case, the industrial flooring must hold onto its structural integrity, which likely loses its strength due to heavy lifting.

Though traditional concrete has been the norm, there are better options than this one. Epoxy flooring keeps the risks of falling at bay. It emerges as a more practical and modern solution in the market.

Let’s look at the top benefits of installing epoxy flooring in an industrial facility.

  • Due to heavy traffic, concrete industrial flooring shows signs of cracks, stains, and chips. Epoxy coating is more robust than concrete materials and ideal for restoration.
  • Epoxy is resistant to shock. Imagine the damage the flooring would incur if the forklift lost its balance. Heavy cracks result in cracks that may not be the scene with epoxy flooring.
  • Epoxy coating on the surface prevents superficial defects. Also, the floor does not absorb water, ensuring flood resistance.
  • Industrial epoxy resin flooring comes from petroleum, and it reduces carbon emissions.

Polyurethane flooring is an alternative to epoxy. While the latter is low wear and has a lower lifespan (up to 5 years), the former is high wear and has a higher lifespan (up to 10 years). Remember, epoxy is not resistant to scratches, but polyurethane is scratch resistant.


Whether for a variety of epoxy paints or decorative purposes, epoxy remains a popular choice. You can contact us to find out which flooring system suits your facility.

We also specialize in concrete polishing in Orlando and Jacksonville that enhances reflectivity and ambient lighting and is cost-effective. For more information about our services, please shoot us a mail today!