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4 Types of Epoxy Floors You Can Explore At Sealwell

Epoxy Flooring

Have you ever wondered why epoxy floors are so popular in today’s market? 

According to the report stated by Markets and Markets, epoxy flooring is expected to lead the industrial floor coating market from 2019 to 2024. It is because epoxy flooring systems offer numerous advantages, including durability, chemical resistance, impact resistance, flexibility, easy maintenance, and versatility. Its aesthetically pleasing flooring options excite people to choose these floors for their commercial and industrial establishments. 

In this blog, we will delve into the extensive range of epoxy floors along with their unique features. If you plan to revamp your workspace and upgrade its appearance, a walk-through over the array of options will help make the right choice. Let’s have a look.

Quartz Epoxy

If you need exceptional durability and slip resistance, epoxy quartz floors are the ultimate option. In this flooring system, 100% solid epoxy resin is blended with a quartz aggregate to develop a textured and highly durable surface. 

Quartz epoxy floors make the best fit for commercial and industrial settings that involve heavy foot traffic. For instance – healthcare facilities, manufacturing facilities, schools, exterior walkways, sports complexes, restrooms, veterinary clinics, locker rooms, and parking garages. You can use this type of floor not only to enhance the floor’s strength but also to provide an attractive appearance. 

Solid Epoxy

Do you require a high-gloss finish on the floor of your commercial outlet? Solid epoxy is a way to go. The specialty of this flooring system is that epoxy resin can be mixed with a variety of aggregates. For example, you can add anti-skid particles to create a slip-resistant surface for your industrial establishment. 

Besides, the process neither involves any water nor a solvent. As a result, it offers the thickest floor coating resulting in the strongest flooring system. It is easy to spot dirt and keep the surface clean and tidy on this kind of floor. You can choose this option for – shop floors, warehouses, laboratories, aeroplane hangers, manufacturing facilities, retail facilities, etc.  

Metallic Epoxy

A metallic epoxy flooring system is all about blending highly-refined metallic pigments with 100% solid epoxy coatings. It helps create a diverse look with different colour variations, developing a captivating and luxurious vibe with three-dimensional effects. When the pigments interact with the epoxy resin, it gives rise to unique patterns that resemble marbled or molten metal. Hence, if you want to take the flooring system to the next level, you can opt for this option. 

Upscale venues like nightclubs, hotels, galleries, event centres, high-end residences, lobbies, stadiums,  restaurants, and car dealerships often demand this flooring type. You can even customise them with different colours and finishes and enjoy the upmarket value. 

Chip Epoxy

Chip epoxy is similar to quartz epoxy flooring that combines 100% of solids epoxy with vinyl flakes. After coating this mixture, another layer of chip coatings is added to offer extra protection from chemical and UV damage. These floors are less vulnerable to moisture damage and vapour intrusion. 

Chip coatings are ideal for environments with heavy and medium foot traffic. It includes – schools, grocery stores, healthcare facilities, garages, retail showrooms, restaurants, shop floors, etc. You can install this flooring system to attain its effectiveness. 

The Bottom Line

Epoxy floors have a smooth, seamless, and glossy finish, creating an appealing and inviting appearance in the space. So, if you are interested in installing any of these commercial or industrial epoxy flooring systems, we at Sealwell can help you with the perfect solution. It will help enhance aesthetics, functionality, and longevity of your workspace, building a comfortable and engaging environment all around. Browse our website or give us a call to learn more and get a free quote.