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Which Industries Benefit From Epoxy Flooring

commercial epoxy flooring

Many businesses can benefit from epoxy and polyurethane floor sealants, and most types of industrial and commercial environments prefer them. Even though we don’t think much of it, the floor is a majority of the atmosphere of a place. Having a clean and appealing floor can improve the mood of the customer as well as the workers. There are different benefits to having polyurethane or epoxy flooring, but the combination of both maximizes the quality and strength of the floor. SealWell is a flooring company in Orlando and Boca Raton Florida providing epoxy, polyurethane, and concrete finishes. To understand whether an epoxy or polyurethane flooring is beneficial, it is important to know what they are.

What Is Epoxy?

Epoxy and polyurethane are coatings put on top of floors to give them extra resilience. They act as a sealant for concrete. Not only do these coats give the floor a glossy glow but they give them the long-lasting durability to stay clean and appealing. Epoxy coatings are able to withstand even the strongest of chemical spills and weathering. It is difficult for these floors to gather scratches and permanent marks, and can also carry heavy objects without cracking.

The combined appearance and durability of epoxy flooring makes it versatile for different industrial and commercial establishments. One problem with floors that are exposed to the sun often is they become yellow tinted which is hard to fix. Epoxy floor coatings have more resistance to UV rays than polyurethane.

Here are some of the businesses that can make use of polyurethane and epoxy flooring:

Health Care

Cleanliness is important for the condition of hospital patients. Epoxy floors are easily cleaned for an environment that promotes wellness. The resistance to skid marks is perfect for a hospital setting where nurses and carts are constantly moving from room to room.


Any kind of laboratory that is prone to dangerous chemical spills will want to control substances as much as possible. For this, we use a novolac epoxy for exceptional chemical resistance.


Whether it is dropped plates, moisture, bacteria, or heavy machinery, Polyurethane is the most versatile flooring for restaurants or food factories. One of our clients, m&m’s, uses this kind of flooring in their factory.


Airplane hangars need the durability of epoxy floors to carry the weight of an airplane. The resistance to spills is also useful, as many types of oils are used around here. Any car showroom or hangar will want to have the floors particularly safe and resistant to hot rubber. The United States Air Force trusts our floors.


Both polyurethane and epoxy provide the durability that a warehouse floor needs to prevent damage from heavy machinery. Polyurethane is slightly better because of its flexibility which makes it highly resistant to abrasion. The wide spaces of a warehouse floor will be easier to clean with these low maintenance options.

Retail Business

The glow of epoxy, polyurethane, and polished concrete works well with any business who puts their product on display. The extra brightness that comes from these types of floors will accentuate the product and give it a better appearance. Epoxy is the most affordable option, making it perfect for a small business that wants to elevate their product. Zimmerman Advertising, who has an innovative multi-storied building, makes use of our floors.

Sealwell’s high-quality and long-lasting epoxy flooring seals are a great foundation for any company in Orlando, FL, Boca Raton, FL, or Marietta, GA. Start by calling now at 1 (844) 443-2844