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What are the best floors for food and beverage production facilities?

Best beverage industry flooring

Food and beverage production units are a sensitive place given the fact that large quantities of food are dealt with in these places and maintaining the right quality of hygiene and environment is central to their overall commitments. It is important that the large quantity of food is kept away from any kind of contamination and this requires good infrastructure well in advance. The design and flooring of the facility have to be a crucial part of the planning stage. A good commercial flooring contractor understands all these needs pretty well.

Why do I need a protective flooring system?

A protective flooring system has been a necessity given the amount of different being used in a beverage facility which may end up damaging the uncoated floors pretty fast. The presence of by-products like hot oil or sugar solutions and fat may easily corrode or damage the floors. Also, if the floor is damaged, it starts becoming a house for bacteria and fungus which in turn contaminates the food. There are a whole lot of other reasons for mostly using the brewery flooring as a flooring system for beverage facilities. The presence of strong food items also requires a deep cleaning process. Sometimes these cleaning processes are too strong and might not be devastating for the lives of the floors. Therefore seamless flooring becomes essential for any food facility.

Consider these factors while choosing a protective resin flooring system for food production facilities

A few very specific factors have to be given special consideration before choosing the flooring system for the food facility.

Floor hygiene

According to many experienced commercial flooring contractors, the level of hygiene maintained with seamless flooring is unarguable. This is also because they are pretty easy to clean, therefore everyday cleaning of the floors becomes a routine, which maintains a sound environment, free of any bacteria and fungus, therefore, maintaining a good level of hygiene as expected.

Slip resistance

It is one of the most important aspects for any industrial unit let alone a food unit. Several workers work simultaneously in a wide region and work injuries might become pretty common in every day’s hassle. To avoid the same seamless flooring work as a perfect option. If the surface gets wet due to food spills or water, even then these floors are the best alternative with high slip resistance ability. They are also available in a variety of textures and are very easy to clean making them one of the best options according to the current market trends.

Cleaning and maintenance

Food facilities are more prone to being attacked by dirt and chemical substances, therefore they need extra attention as far as the cleaning and maintenance are concerned. Most of the cleaning methods used fit pretty well on the resin floors but it is rather advised to check them by using at a small region and then make them a regular option

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What resin flooring options are available for food and beverages factories?

There are a few very good options available for the resin flooring which sits perfectly for a food and beverage factory.

  • Cementitious polyurethane flooring systems

This application is in a mortar form which is also known as polyurethane screeds. They are widely used as being a very resistant product against environmental and manual attacks.

And because they are nonporous, the chances of bacteria and viruses making their home on them depletes.

  • Methyl methacrylate flooring systems

It is a flooring system that cures fast and can be installed even at a low temperature pretty easily. They have great resistance against chemicals and other solutions making them a wonderful option at food facilities.

  • Epoxy floor coating

One of the most popular flooring systems these days, they are available in a variety of textures and colors making them an exciting option mostly for people who love to follow current trends. They are very durable and resistant to most of the attacks a floor has to face in a food facility.

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