Industrial Flooring Gainesville

It can be difficult to determine what type of floor will be best for your industrial flooring in Gainesville. With the help of Sealwell, it doesn’t have to be! Floor installation can be made simple with Sealwell because we are the experts on floors – and have been for over 30 years!

From epoxy coated floors to concrete polished floors to polyurethane flooring, Sealwell offers a variety of high quality floor options so you will have the best product for your industrial flooring in Gainesville. We are careful to install all floors properly and efficiently, so that you have the best floor possible for your location.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor coating has higher durability and higher compressive strength as compared to any other flooring type. Commonly, people use epoxy flooring in heavy-duty industries, healthcare centers, warehouse and for other industrial floorings. Epoxy flooring is considered when the floor involves in heavy vehicle movements.

Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane floors are both decorative and functional. It is softer than epoxy floor, but as it flexible, it is scratch resistant and more flexible. It can also soak impact much better than epoxy flooring. As PU flooring is flexible, it can be a good choice for the substrates that can cause vibrations such as multi-store carpark. It also acts as waterproof flooring to resist from concrete cracks.

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