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From regular concrete floors, you can make flooring that retains by concrete polishing. Even when renovating the ground, sanding and polishing can be a means of repairing commercial concrete flooring in need of renovation.

Polish Concrete Floor

In industrial buildings, exposed concrete is normally planned from the onset as a durable and durable floor covering. Another floor covering is not necessary. Throughout production, care is also taken to make sure that the surface is somewhat smoother.


 Commercial Epoxy Floor ContractorsGround concrete flooring as a stylistic device 

With regards to getting the most discreet and intentionally sober-looking floor a sanded concrete flooring is quite suitable. At the inside, this may additionally be a ground screed.

The flooring is then quite resistant to abrasion, has an interesting, but quite subtle look due to the perhaps not very uniform coating, and also doesn’t require baseboards.

Concrete structure

For concrete, rock aggregate with a maximum grain size of 16 mm is utilized. When grinding and subsequent polishing of the concrete, the enclosed stone parts become visible and shape an active, completely surface.

Which makes the visual allure of polished concrete flooring? He doesn’t look the same in any given point and is alive. Nonetheless, the look is subtle.

Advantages of the Polishing a Concrete Floor

Grinding and polishing a concrete flooring and after that use it as a floor covering has a lot of advantages!

  • The production of the flooring is very cheap;
  • the durable floor doesn’t need to be replaced anymore and lasts eternally
  • you’ve a resilient and abrasion-resistant flooring;
  • The flooring looks very discreet;
  • Grinding and polishing of flooring can be done immediately after healing (no waiting time just like when laying tiles);
  • Because of the possible omission of baseboards, a more balanced appearance is generated when passing between wall and floor.

Concrete floors may get ruined with time. The elimination of these damages frequently succeeds only with grinding. This additionally prevents water or dirt from penetrating into the damaged flooring and further or deeply damaging the concrete flooring.

The sanded concrete flooring can then be ground even further, and polished up. He gets again a brand new look.

Protection and Sealing

To permanently protect polished concrete flooring, a seal is suggested. There are quite different products in the trade. It’s suggested to use two-component products.

They consist of a hardener and a seal. The hardener penetrates deep into the concrete, compacts and hardens it also. This ensures hardness, hardness, and immunity of the concrete.

The coat then prevents abrasion, dirt and surface injury brought on by the usage of the soil in every day activity. The threat of slipping by products should be considered, especially in wet areas.

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