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Difference Between Epoxy and Urethane Cement & Which is Right for You?

Epoxy v/s Urethane

Many commercial contractors use epoxy floor and urethane cement for the industrial place. Foam, paints, curing agents, resins, and adhesive agents are the example of products that use them. They have the same qualities but they have differences between the key factors that go into the preferences each industry has. Chemical resistance, flexibility, color, and texture are thinking about which one to use for your industries. In terms of price, there is no big difference.

Chemical Resistance

Almost all industries that used epoxy or urethane products want that floor chemically resistant. Needs to stop acid or corrosion base reaction. Epoxy doesn’t interact easily with acids and bases. Epoxy is highly chemical resistant. When Urethane cement is diluted it does not easily interact with acids and bases. Urethane cement reacts faster than epoxy with the chemical.


Urethane cement and epoxy coating are used by adhesive and foam industries to bond surfaces. Durability and flexibility are important. In Epoxy and urethane cement epoxy is a higher-stability substance that prevents a surface from moving. Without a doubt epoxy is very strong, it will crack on floors that frequently move with heavy traffic. Urethane cement retains flexibility. Urethane cement is favorable in any season or temperatures.


The texture choice between epoxy and urethane cement. It depends on the industry’s needs for a chalky or smooth. Epoxy is long-lasting,  when it ages, it becomes chalky and brittle to the touch. Urethane cement remains smooth. Urethane cement is best for areas of surfaces exposed to water.


The color or paint industry wants to paint that doesn’t substitute color. All industries that use resin need material that remains transparent. When ultraviolet (UV) light falls on the epoxy, it turns yellow in a few months or years. Urethane cement is resistant to Ultraviolet light and stays the same color longer than epoxy.

Chemical Make-up

Epoxy and Urethane cement are polymers. It means that they are huge molecules that have a repeating structure. Epoxy is a mixture of resin and hardener made from epoxide and polyamine. Urethane is a Composition of carbon-based, or organic links that react with a chemically lump together element. known as a monomer.

Which is Right for You?

Urethane cement and epoxy both are the best for your commercial floor, Both have their own quality and expertise. If you are not sure which is best for your facility. Our best flooring specialist would be happy to help you determine the excellent solution for your needs. Contact us or call us at 844-443-2844 for a free consultation.