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Concrete Flooring In The Brewing Industry

brewery flooring

Brewing industries are pretty popular all across Europe and in any part of the world. It generates a lot of interest for the people to experience the brewing process and the stages the production has to go through. It is really difficult to create a good atmosphere for the manufacturing process of the brewing industry and also ensure that it remains a convenient place for frequent visits. The facility owner goes through an immense process of discussion and brainstorming to choose the right floor coating for the facility and ensure all the boxes of their requirements are ticked. Thus brewery flooring remains an important part of the overall structuring of the facility. We at Sealwell Inc deal with a lot of projects of concrete polishing in Georgia and we have an ample amount of experience in brewery flooring. Thus we will be overjoyed to help you with any such projects.

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Let us understand all the considerations one should take while planning for the flooring of the brewery:

Chemical Resistance

The floors of the brewing unit need to be chemical resistant. The brewing units deal in a lot of products which includes different type of enzymes, alcohol, yeast, and brewing sugar and all these products can eradicate the polish and finish of the floors over time. Thus a floor with high-performance coating and chemical resistance is the only right choice for such a unit.

Slip Resistance/Anti Slip Properties

Slip resistance is another very important aspect given the fact that every brewery unit faces a lot of wet surfaces most of the time and therefore a good anti-slip properties of the floor would be a great advantage. It will not only provide the needed protection to the people moving around but also to all the machines and moving units which are constantly taking rounds of the factory.


Floors that require minimal maintenance are always a big plus for such a unit. Brewing places already have a lot of operations to perform one after the other and not having to worry about cleaning requirements now and then is always convenient. Unit owners feel that it’s important to concentrate on the business matter more rather than taking concerns about regular cleaning requirements.

Hygienic Properties

Hygiene is a very important factor for any food or beverage unit. Even slight unhygienic conditions will be a perfect place for the bacteria and other microorganisms to grow and eventually affecting the whole facility. Seamless floors in such a facility are of great help as they leave no cracks and uneven surfaces. It is often said that food production facilities’ major challenge is to ensure hygiene and if they could overcome this challenge, it s a win-win in many aspects.

High Impact and Abrasion Resistance

A lot of heavy machinery passes through these working units daily, therefore the flooring has to be high impact resistant and should be pretty strong to withstand heavy inflow regularly.

Thermal Shock Resistance

One has to understand that extreme temperature results in the expansion and contraction of the flooring material, when this happens at a high rate the probability of cracks and deterioration rises. So a thermal shock-resistant flooring material is an obvious and probably the best choice to consider while planning for the brewery flooring in Brewing Industry.

We at Sealwell Inc would be glad to help you with any such projects as concrete polishing and other similar projects. Our team is highly skilled to make you understand all the pros and cons of using a particular material.

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