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Concrete resurfacing



Concrete polishing is the procedure of preparing and restoring concrete comparable resurfacing of hardwood floors and can be utilised in construction as well as remodelling jobs to renew and upgrade floors. The concrete polishing process begins with a system that uses increasingly finer grits of diamond embedded disks to sand down the surface of the concrete before a desired level of glow is achieved. The advantages of getting polished concrete floors vary from aesthetic to functional, but here are the many reasons to consider concrete polishing for your next new construct or remodel project.

  • Variety of Styles– No matter your design aesthetic or what you are looking to achieve, concrete polishing can provide. Concrete polishing finishes with a mirror like shine, but by laying a foundation with laser cuts or employing a variety of colors in an intriguing pattern or embedding another item below the surface together, the sky is the limit of style. You can control the degree of glow on the ground by changing the granule with the diamond sander that you use to make the final look.


  • Virtually Maintenance-Free- Polished concrete is a well-liked choice for commercial properties because of this design feature. Polished concrete leaves a coating which basically needs to be trapped or dusted as necessary and wet mopped on rare occasions. These floors basically look after themselves plus they do this while looking like designer flooring. Unlike unfinished or untreated concrete, polished concrete won’t create dust, so leaving you with less to clean in the first location.


  • Durability– Polished concrete floors will last you much longer that other popular flooring options. These floors area basically impervious to cracks and harm and won’t break down or have to be refinished as with other popular flooring. Even with heavy foot traffic or the use of equipment polished concrete floors are resistant to scratches and stains. You may adore the simple fact that you are going to be enjoying these floors for several years to come.


  • Safety– Because of their high gloss mirror and shine like finish, these floors increase visibility, therefore, decreasing the odds of slips and falls. The finish that’s applied to the concrete additionally makes your floors slippery when wet. Even though it’s never a fantastic idea to leave a trickle unattended, at least you know that whenever there’s an accident or spill your family, guests or clients will not as likely to get hurt because your polished concrete flooring.


  • Affordability- Last, but not least, these floors are one of the most economical choices that you can make for your design project. Not only is it polished concrete floors cost efficient to install, but due to its own sustainability, you’ll not need to replace or fix your floors as frequently so you’ll save more in the long run.

Polished Concrete flooring is growing in popularity as a finished flooring option in commercial properties alike.  With welfares that reach far beyond their exquisiteness, it is not wonder that these floors can be found more effortlessly now than ever.

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