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Top Maintenance Needs for Industrial Floors

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Industrial floor maintenance preserves the integrity of your building’s concrete floor and is essential to operating a safe workplace. Treating your floor with an epoxy or urethane coat is the first step in helping ensure that future cleanup duties and maintenance are seamless. There are many reasons why maintaining your concrete flooring is important, but you may be unaware of what it takes to preserve your Port St. Lucie industrial flooring.

Equipment Needs

Cleaning and maintaining an industrial floor is no easy task, especially if there is a large surface area to cover or areas with heavy foot traffic. Also, depending on the industry, maintaining the facility’s floor may require special equipment for cleaning. Cleaning equipment such as a sweeper and automatic scrubbers are typically used in the upkeep of an industrial floor. The reason why these pieces of equipment are needed is that they can clean a large amount of surface area in a short amount of time. This is helpful for any industrial facility with a large surface area that needs to be regularly maintained.

Concrete Resurfacing and Mortar System

Forklifts and equipment can be damaged by cracks, pitting and deterioration of concrete, which poses a safety hazard. Also, chemicals, oils, and grease can saturate your concrete slab, causing further damage. To prevent additional damage to your concrete slab, concrete resurfacing with a polymer mortar system can help restore your facility’s floor. With concrete resurfacing, the damaged floor is stripped, with cracks and divots repaired as the floor is being prepared for a mortar system. The mortar system acts as a top coat and protects the concrete flooring from future damage.

Waterproofing Concrete Floors

Facilities such as food and beverage plants and laboratories handle and work with liquid. Whether it’s water or chemical, a liquid spill can damage industrial flooring. Waterproofing coats seal concrete floors and transform them into non-porous surfaces. This coating treatment acts as a barrier against accidental spills, which can contaminate and deteriorate the slab. It also resists existing residual moisture, preventing it from rising to the surface and causing problems such as musty smell, mold growth, and concrete structural damage. Trapped moisture is typically not apparent and can cause structural damage without you knowing. Waterproofing your industrial flooring is a maintenance need that helps protect your concrete slab integrity.

Concrete Polishing

Over time, areas of your commercial building may fade and start to lose its sheen. This can make it difficult to see if the floor is damaged, or make it hard to see the floor when walking on it. Industrial floors go through wear and tear from heavy foot and vehicular traffic, which is why concrete polishing is a great way to help maintain the integrity of your facility’s concrete slab. Polishing concrete slabs help your floor keep its shine while resisting scratches. Concrete polishing also helps save on cleaning as it requires only occasional mopping, and it eliminates the need for messy wax coats.

Industries with commercial facilities all require maintenance of their concrete floors. Floors can become damaged over time with cracks and the integrity can start to deteriorate. This can not only pose a safety risk for the employees who work in the building, but it can be an expensive undertaking if concrete floors aren’t properly maintained. At Seal Well, we are the industrial floor experts specializing in treatment and maintenance of concrete flooring. If your Port St Lucie industrial flooring requires maintenance, contact us for a quote at (877) 530-2633.