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Surface Preparation for Commercial Floors

commercial concrete flooring

Floor surface preparation is the first and most important step for the application of concrete floor treatment. Without floor surface preparation, an issue can rise once the new flooring system is installed. Uneven surfaces, peeling, and bubbling floors are typically the result of improper floor preparation. Every concrete slab needs to be clean, open, and porous prior to floor treatment and installation. This is especially true for commercial flooring and facilities in Miami.

What is Floor Surface Preparation?

Surface preparation is the breaking down of existing flooring and bonding between the concrete and solution. Commercial and industrial floors must be prepared properly so replacement flooring is installed correctly. Following the removal of old flooring, the concrete slab is prepared with specific equipment for the installation. This process is key to the longevity of your commercial flooring because improper floor preparation leads to the coat polish being prematurely damaged.

Is There A Risk For Poorly Prepared Floor Surfaces?

Concrete is a durable and sturdy surface. However, if not properly prepared and maintained, it can deteriorate and sustain significant damage. Issues that happen with commercial concrete flooring typically happen below the surface, hidden from the naked eye. Though the concrete underneath your floor may not be seen, it doesn’t mean that it should not be prepared properly. Essentially, not preparing your floor properly will subsequently ruin the coat or polish you apply to the concrete slab.

Commercial Floor Preparation Methods

There are different methods to properly prepare commercial floors for treatment and coats. One method isn’t necessarily better than the other. It depends on the age of the flooring and the state of the concrete slab prior to preparation. That is important to keep in mind, if you have older commercial flooring in Miami, and are looking to apply an epoxy coat. Here are some of the methods that are used to prepare concrete surfaces.

  • Feather Finishing – Is a patch and skim coat used to create a smooth surface on concrete and creates a secure bond between the finished product and substrate.
  • Floor Patching – Is used for filling minor cracks and holes, smoothing out the areas between low and high spots, or creating a slope between materials of different thicknesses.
  • Self Leveling – Creates a flat and smooth surface with superior, compressive strength. Highly technical environments use self-leveling products to ensure the finished floor meets height, level and flatness specifications required for certain equipment operation.
  • Shot Blasting – Blasts the concrete surface with small steel balls at a high velocity. Its purpose is to remove contamination and open the concrete to improve the surface for better bonding and absorption.
  • Grinding – Corrects irregularities in concrete such as faulting and roughness and opens the concrete pores for improved surface bonding and absorption.

Is Surface Preparation Necessary?

If you own industrial and/or commercial property, it is crucial to prepare the surface before any coat or polish is applied. The reason why surface preparation is so important is that if an epoxy or urethane coat is applied to an unprepared floor, then the flooring peels, bubbles, and ruins the coat. Surface preparation ensures any coat or polish that is applied, bonds properly with the concrete substrate, maximizing the longevity of your floor treatment.

It’s recommended to have any commercial floor surface prepared as a part of a complete floor treatment solution. Have the industrial floor experts at Seal Well provide your industrial facility with a complete floor treatment solution. We have years of knowledge and experience with surface preparation and floor coat application. If you want the best floor treatment solution for your commercial flooring in Miami, then contact us for a quote at (877) 530-2633.