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Is Urethane Concrete Flooring the Best option for a Bakery?

Urethane flooring

The food and beverage industry has a long history of demanding the best quality floors for their units. It is mainly because these units go through a lot of hygiene issues due to continuous dealing with processed food which creates high chances for viruses and bacteria to find safe havens. Good flooring won’t give a chance for dirt and food particles to stay on the floors or find a crack to settle down and flourish. Therefore flooring requirement for the food and beverage industry is pretty specific. The same goes for the commercial bakeries. which are considered a very integral part of this industry and the bakeries demand extremely durable and cold and hot water resistant floors. Urethane flooring is a wonderful option when it comes to super durable and thermal shock-resistant floors.

The bakery also suffers from a lot of variation in temperature inside the unit. Thus, it requires a floor that can withstand high temperatures as well as extreme variations in temperature. There is also a continuous movement of heavy equipment across the unit which makes the floors susceptible to facing accidental heavy drops and food sill over. Urethane concrete flooring is best in the business for such places which can easily tackle high pressure and dirt daily. Let us further look at some specific qualities which make urethane flooring an undefeated champion in its segment.


We cannot forget that if the bakery regularly faces high temperatures due to the presence of ovens. It also has a cold storage unit to keep the raw product in the best shape for a long time. Therefore flooring which can withstand both extreme cold and hot temperatures is required. Urethane flooring has proven itself to be a wonder material. That can easily stand against two extreme temperatures without losing its shape and durability.

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Anti-slip surface 

One of the most important factors in a floor is the requirement of an anti-slip surface. The floors become much more susceptible to slippery surfaces when they are wet. In places like the bakery, there is a lot of usage of oil sugar, and flour which if falling on the floor accidentally could also result in slippery floors. All these woes do not stand a chance when we urethane flooring for our unit. The flooring also ensures the safety of all the employees working on the premises. 

USDA compliant and anti-bacterial

Anti-bacterial floors are grave necessities, especially for a food and beverage unit. Urethane flooring has an incredible coating that leaves no cracks and crevices open and creates an undefeatable anti-bacterial environment. bakeries have a lot of usage of oil sugar and flour, all of which if find little spaces to sit can become a haven for bacteria but urethane floors do not let that happen. 

Easy to clean 

Another very important feature of urethane concrete flooring is its easy-to-clean qualities. Every business looks for flooring where they do not have to spend too much time on cleaning services. Urethane floors sit perfectly in that regard. And are very easy to floor even if they get too dirty at the end of the day. 

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