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Why You Should Use Epoxy or Urethane Cement Flooring (or Both) in Georgia?

Use Epoxy or Urethane Cement Flooring in Georgia

You are thinking about resurfacing your floor but confused about which type of floor coating is best for your commercial place. When you choose between urethane cement flooring or epoxy, Both are best for your floor when you go for concrete floor coating. Both have their own qualities, each floor coating works differently, they both floor coatings offer a  variety of advantages. Let’s discuss the advantages & differences of the epoxy floor and urethane cement flooring.

Epoxy Floor 

An epoxy floor coating is a good option when it comes to resurfacing concrete floors. Epoxy floor coating is very popular for industrial space. The reason is epoxy floor is durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, eco-friendly and it could make old, concrete floors look fresh and brand new. Epoxy could come in a variety of colors and textures.  Epoxy materials are Typically created of two parts: the first is a curing agent and the second one is epoxy resin. Do you know epoxy is the first choice of floor specialists, It’s a good option for aircraft hangars, warehouses, hospitals, and many other commercial locations.

Urethane Cement Flooring FL

Urethane cement is also a great choice for commercial space. generally, it’s made up of two liquids mixed with common cement, which then made a solid floor. This mixture provides a smooth floor coating because of the bond between the cement and liquid. Urethane cement flooring resists heat and high pressure and moisture. It’s capable of being installed seamlessly on floors.  Urethane flooring FL is the best choice for hospitals, brewery floors, commercial kitchens, and bakeries because it resists bacteria or chemicals from getting stuck between the seams or cracks of the flooring.

Which is Right for you

Both floor coatings ( Epoxy Flooring and Urethane flooring GA / Urethane cement flooring GA)  have their own qualities, advantages and benefits. both are best for their own place. epoxy is durable, long-lasting and urethane cement resists heat and high pressure, and moisture. epoxy coating available in a variety of colors and urethane cement offer a seamless surface finish. Both are easy to clean, low-cost, maintainable, eco-friendly and other lots of benefits. Both floor coating is a great choice for commercial space.  

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So if you are looking for a floor coating that offers long-lasting, durability, and resistance to heat, moisture, and chemicals. Both are coating beneficial. However, this combination isn’t perfect for every project. It’s necessary to ask the commercial flooring contractor which floor coating is perfect for your commercial space. You can also ask us, We are Georgia’s one of the best Urethane flooring FL and Urethane cement flooring FL  contractors. You can also use our free quotes where our experienced and professional floor experts can assist you, which floor coating is best for your facility call @ 844-443-2844 or email us