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Experience Captivating Light Reflection on Floors with Concrete Polishing

polished concreate flooring

Are you looking for a flooring solution that can enhance your business appearance? If so, you can consider installing polished concrete floors for your commercial space. 

Polished concrete commercial floors appear glossy in texture. These are durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, sustainable, and aesthetically appealing in nature. But these are not the only reasons why businesses adopt this commercial flooring solution. 

Modern companies prefer concrete polishing on floors because of its excellent light reflectance properties. By increasing the floor’s light reflective value, you can lower the need for more lights in the commercial space and get the desired results.   

Increase the level of reflectivity with concrete polishing

A polished concrete floor coating contributes a lot to enhance a floor’s light reflective value (LRV), also known as light reflectance or gloss level. It is measured as the ratio of the amount of light reflecting or bouncing back to the amount of light retained. Usually, the value ranges from 0% to 100%, where 0 represents absolute black which can absorb more light, and 100% represents white which creates a highly reflective surface. Now, you can certainly customize the level of reflectivity by managing the polishing process. 

polished concrete floors

According to the Concrete Polishing Association of America, concrete floors can be categorized into four different levels. These involve – 

Level one (flat/ground): This is the basic floor coating providing a low light reflection with very small clarity. Here the image clarity remains between 0% to 9%.

Level two (satin/honed): Here, the floor coating creates a matte finish featured with visible yet low overhead reflections. The image clarity for level two floor coatings appears between 10% to 39%. 

Level three (semi-polished): Semi-polished floors, as the name suggests, generate a visible reflection of light from the surface. You can get the light reflection at a distance of 30 to 50 feet with an image clarity ranging from 40% to 69%.   

Level four (highly polished): With this polished coating, you get a marble finish shine that clearly reflects light with 70 to 100% clarity. 

Remember, the more your floor is polished, the more it appears vibrant and attractive. 

Do you want to know more about concrete polishing? You can get a better overview of this topic from this link.

Get the most appropriate flooring solution for your workspace

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