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5 Facts About Urethane Cement That Make It Great for Flooring

Urethane Flooring

The floor of any commercial property needs the perfect finish to look beautiful & has the durability to bear heavy load & foot traffic too. To give long-lasting strength to the floor of the office & industry, there are a variety of concrete flooring materials & coatings are available in the market. If you are looking for cost-effective and reliable floor cement for flooring, you may choose the option of Urethane flooring cement. It is one of the best-known flooring cement preferred for flooring in many properties.

What is Urethane Flooring Cement?

Urethane cement is a kind of flooring material or coating that is also known as polymer concrete. It is a mix of urethane binder with standard cement in a calculated quantity. This floor cement is a perfect coating material that provides a smooth finish and durability to the floor too. Urethane cement provides good resistance to chemicals and abrasion. This type of cement is ideal for flooring of industrial and commercial properties most.

If you need quality urethane floor cement for concrete coating, you should contact genuine commercial flooring material contractors in the industry. You will find some genuine suppliers of urethane coating in Orlando & the rest parts of the United States. They can supply you with high-grade urethane floor cement and floor coating materials for  commercial properties at affordable prices.

Why Choose Urethane Floor Cement for Flooring?

Many people do prefer using urethane cement for flooring or coating concrete floors at their industry, factory, garage, and commercial properties. There are some significant reasons for choosing urethane cement for flooring needs such as:

  1. Easy to Apply to Concrete

It is easy to apply urethane floor cement to the concrete surface without any wear and tear of concrete. There is no need to apply any primer or topcoat before the installation of urethane. You can straight apply it to the concrete surface to improve shine and look. For applying the urethane, you can use a trowel or roller machine. It is necessary to clean the concrete surface and dry it completely before applying a urethane coating. You can apply many coats to enhance the thickness of cement for durability and to keep the floor safe from moisture and bacteria. If you are unable to install urethane cement on your own, you can call experienced floor coating professionals for the same work.


  1. Durability

Urethane floor cement gives immense durability to the concrete surface after drying. It gives long-lasting strength to the concrete and reduces its repair or maintenance cost too. Urethane flooring is resistant to chemicals, heat, and abrasion and keeps it free from pores and cracks too. All in all, urethane cement flooring is a guaranty to get robustness to your concrete surface and its strength for the years.

  1. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Urethane coating provides a seamless finish and glows to the concrete surface that makes it easy to clean and maintain too. It removes roughness of the surface and gives if ultimate smoothness and shine that will last long for the years. Also, it is easy to clean too, as the urethane coating does not allow dirt, dust, and moisture to persist on it and get cleaned by water or a non-residual alkaline cleanser with ease. It reduces the maintenance cost of the floor too.

  1. Resistance Property

It is good for the flooring to have resistance property to heat, moisture, chemical, etc., to enhance its life. Urethane coating also has a similar property and gives resistance to all such things to protect the floor. Due to resistance property, urethane floor coating seems perfect to use for flooring in industries & commercial floor coating purposes too.

  1. Gives Appealing Look to Floor

Concrete flooring with having urethane coating will shine well. It helps in enhancing the appealing look of concrete surfaces that will last long for years. The floor cement can also combine with topcoat, primers, additives, etc., to enhance the beauty and smoothness of the floor.

Thus, the above five reasons that will woo you to use urethane floor coating for the concrete surface of your industry, factory, or any commercial property to apply and provide it good durability and stunning look too.

If you want to buy quality urethane coating for your flooring needs, you may contact the reputed commercial flooring contractors or suppliers in the United States. At the verified contractors like Sealwell Inc., you will get quality urethane coat flooring at market-leading prices.

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