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5 Facilities That Benefit From Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

Concrete floors that are finished with an epoxy coating effectively seals and protects flooring. This makes industrial flooring more durable and appealing. Different types of businesses in Orlando are taking advantage of this for its appealing and useful factors. Epoxy coatings are an ideal solution for the following types of facilities:

  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Business Floor
  • Garages & Air Hangers
  • Chemical Labs


When thinking of hospitals, people associate them with a frantic environment where employees are constantly moving. This type of environment can benefit heavily from epoxy concrete coating due to its extreme durability and comfortable feel. With a constant stream of people coming in and out, along with carts being rolled and dragged across the floor, it helps to have a coating that will provide a stronger structure. Due to the epoxy’s amazing job of sealing the floor, any sort of spill that may happen during a procedure will be easy to clean without a problem.


In a large warehouse full of moving objects, large crates and boxes are being picked up and moved. Epoxy concrete flooring is being used to its fullest potential in this type of environment. Many warehouses in Orlando and all over the world use forklifts to lift heavy crates, pallets, and machinery, and with this comes the problem of tire marks and exhausted concrete floors. With epoxy concrete flooring, it allows these floors to be cleaned with ease, creating an extremely efficient environment. With all the movement that occurs in a warehouse, having epoxy coating will increase resistance to abrasion.

Business Floors

Places like grocery stores and restaurants are another environment that features plenty of foot movement. They also work hard to keep a pleasing appearance to retain customers’ business. Having epoxy concrete coating in these types of businesses allows for a comfortable and resistant type of flooring. It also allows these businesses to have a say in how their floors should look. The epoxy coating comes in many different colors allowing for complete control over what you want the floors to look like. The coating also has a reflective feature that can help make many businesses appear brighter and more open.

Garages & Airplane Hangars

Car garages and airplane hangars obviously have very heavy objects constantly driving over and resting on the floors. This can lead to paint being worn out. Applying an epoxy coating to these floors will give them a stylish and resistant coating that won’t wear away easily. Cars and airplane maintenance can also lead to a variety of messy spills. The epoxy coating creates a safe seal with an easy to clean surface, ideal for these types of facilities.

Chemical / Lab Use

Depending on the work, labs can become a messy place to be in. With many experiments going on, spills are bound to happen. With industries like this, the use of epoxy concrete flooring is an extremely viable option due to its easy to clean surface. The coat creates a seal that does not allow for any of the concrete below to become damaged.

Facilities everywhere are beginning to take advantage of epoxy concrete coating for a number of reasons. The ability to choose the color along with the great durability and makes epoxy coating one of the smartest choices for Orlando businesses. Contact the professionals at Sealwell for a quote on epoxy concrete flooring today at 1-877-231-4252.