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Why Polished concrete flooring can be the best choice for commercial flooring?

Looking for a versatile material that can be easily customized? Be it in appearance or quality, polished concrete flooring is becoming one of the favorite choices in Florida and Georgia. In both, residential and commercial flooring, it can be used with different colors and designs. Its reflective surface creates a powerful quality under light which suits in various places.

It is mainly used for interior flooring; still architects are trying it for feature walls, patio floors and even for large exterior panels.

Mainly, polished concrete flooring used in commercial projects because of its durability and long-lasting quality under heavy foot traffic. Polished concrete can be created in variety of ways including the cheapest way “grind and seal” method. In commercial use, it is created by applying a chemical hardener concentrating on the porous concrete and then grinding it to the gloss and smoothness of your wish. By using different fine tools, you can ground concrete to 800, 1500 or 3000 grit level. After this process, here comes the exposure level. This includes Amount of the original surface which is ground away and the aggregate material that should be exposed.

One of the main reasons of more selling of polished concrete is its maintenance. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean, as well as durable and hard to damage. There are so many pros, but some cons are also there which includes, cracking through moisture and the building settling.

So, after reading everything about polished concrete flooring, many people might be thinking about floor installation. Sealwell Inc is one of the largest flooring companies in Florida and Georgia. Best Floor installation in our location is our team’s specialization. You can contact me for free quotation of different types of floor installation in different cities of Florida and Georgia.