Industrial Flooring Boca Raton

Do you need high quality industrial flooring in Boca Raton? Sealwell is here to provide you with the best team of industrial floor experts! With several decades of experience in the business, Sealwell offers a number of flooring options for you!

Two popular choices for industrial flooring in Boca Raton include epoxy coated floors and concrete polished floors. Both of these types of floors have great resistance and durability. The type of floor you end up choosing can depend on what type of industry you have. Either way, you will be more than pleased by the time Sealwell is complete!

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is at the top of the recommendation list of many facilities manager’s because of its durability, long life span, safety and resistance. In addition, it is resistant to a lot of substances as well as to impact and abrasion. Also, it is easy to clean and keep up.

To acquire all the advantages of epoxy flooring, the system should be installed successfully. The way in to a successful installation is the appropriately attachment of the epoxy material (resin Plus hardener) to the solid surface.

Floors in business foundations should be alluring, tough and durable. Epoxy flooring is ideal for business foundations since it shields the solid surface from harm because of high foot and vehicle traffic. Also, its high stylish appearance is one the main reasons why people choose it for industrial flooring.

Concrete Polished Flooring

Polished concrete is quick turning into an ultimate no-wax flooring material. Concrete surfaces can be grinded to a high-gloss finish without waxes or coatings with the help of the proper floor grinding equipment and experience of concrete polishing contractors. Predominant toughness, execution of cement, its smoothness and high-gloss appearance makes it a perfect choice for more retailors, business distribution centers and office offices, and mortgage holders.

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