Epoxy Flooring Hialeah

You after Epoxy Floor Coating – Hialeah

When it comes to making a decision about the choice for flooring at a commercial location in Hialeah, the decision isn’t always easy. There are a number of different types and styles of floor options. However, one of the best choices for flooring that outshines the rest are epoxy coated floors.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in Hialeah

The benefits of having an epoxy floor coating in Hialeah are great! From incredible durability to a beautiful gloss finish, epoxy coatings prove to be an excellent choice for commercial flooring.

Glossy Finish

Epoxy coatings is popular for its classic look with the glossy finish that lefts on the surface after coating. These epoxy floors in Hialeah have potential to look upscale and brand new, even after they have been walked on from regular foot traffic for an extended period of time.

No Slip Surface

A fantastic benefit of getting epoxy coated floors is that the surface is highly resistant to slips. This makes epoxy coated floors in Hialeah the ideal choice for commercial locations that have a large amount of foot traffic and are susceptible to accidental slips or falls.

Chemical Resistant

Another favorable quality of epoxy floorings is that they are resistant to chemical spills. This can be a necessity for a flooring option to have because certain business may be prone to spillage, such as chemical labs and hospitals. This makes an epoxy coated floor in Hialeah one of the best options for floors.

Polyurethane Coatings vs. Epoxy Coatings

A common thought is that polyurethane floors are the same as epoxy coatings. While both types of floors are great options for flooring in Hialeah and have similarities, they are not the same. The major difference between polyurethane coatings and an epoxy floor coating is the fact that epoxy coatings are better at resisting deterioration, particularly when it comes to UV lighting. No matter what you choose as your type of commercial flooring in Hialeah, the best decision you can make is having Sealwell as your floor installation company.

Epoxy Coating Installation with Sealwell

Sealwell Inc. is the preferred choice for floor installation and specializes in epoxy coating installation. We serve all types of commercial locations in Hialeah, including chemical laboratories, restaurants, warehouses, health care settings, and more. You can put your trust in Sealwell Inc. for the best floor installation in Hialeah. Call us today at 1-866-469-9489 and receive your free quote for floor installation!