Commercial Flooring in Tampa

The options are far from limited when it comes to commercial flooring in Tampa. If you are not familiar with the different choices you have, then you may not know the next step to take when moving forward with putting in commercial flooring.

Options for Commercial Flooring in Tampa

There are all types of choices you have for commercial flooring in Tampa. Some commercial flooring options may be more durable and resistant than others, so it can be beneficial for you to learn the qualities of each.

Concrete Polished Floor Benefits

Polished concrete floors are rising in popularity because of how beneficial these types of floors are. Because these types of floors are concrete, they are extremely heavy-duty and longstanding. Concrete polished floors are excellent options for warehouses and airplane hangars because of their no-slip properties creating a safe working space. However, these types of polished concrete surfaces are also great for other smaller business locations because concrete polished floors have such versatility with color and pattern options.

Epoxy and Polyurethane Flooring

Epoxy coatings and polyurethane floors are additional great choices for floors. Sometimes these two types of commercial flooring options are mixed together to have multiple strong layers create one remarkable surface. Epoxy coated floors and polyurethane floors in Tampa are durable and have a high resistance to chemical spills. Epoxy coatings are even able to resist the strong UV rays from the sun.

Choosing Sealwell for Commercial Flooring

No matter if you choose polished concrete floors, epoxy coatings, or polyurethane flooring for your commercial flooring in Tampa, you will not be disappointed with your commercial flooring. At Sewell, we put in the time to create the best flooring options for you because your business matters. You deserve the highest quality of flooring options available and the most proper installation. For a flooring installation company, you can trust, contact Sealwell today for all commercial flooring in Tampa.