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A New Look for Your Commercial Flooring By Changing It To Stained Concrete Flooring


Sealwell gives a new look to your commercial and industrial flooring via “Stained Concrete Flooring” option in Florida. Leaving all the other flooring options behind, stained concrete flooring is gaining huge popularity for both commercial and industrial purposes. The reasons are the massive advantages it provides to the customers.

Few Advantages one can gain in case of Stained Concrete Flooring are:

They look Impressive

The stained concrete flooring, if designed and applied properly, can catch many eyes instantly. You do not need to choose any expensive flooring option like marble, granite, sandstone etc. Instead, you can hire our expert team and get the impressive and catchy floors at affordable cost. Moreover, you can decide the way your floor should look – single-colored or multi-colored. Apart from all this, you can apply numerous decorative ideas to your floors whenever you want.

They are Durable

Durability is the best quality of stained concrete flooring. These floors are more durable and resistant to wear and tear than any other sort of flooring. Stained concrete floors never peel or wrap or flake. They just remain just like new for a longer period. Moreover, being resistant to UV rays, they do not embarrass you with the situations like fading or discoloring.

Lesser Efforts and Maintenance Required

The stained concrete floorings possess a unique quality named “Thermal Mass property”. It helps these floors moderate the indoor temperature and keep the indoors cool even when the weather is extremely hot outside. Along with their amazing quality and elegant appearance, these floors live long with low maintenance. All you need to do is to just sweep and mop your house to keep it clean unlike other fancy floors.

Enhance Quality of indoor Air

The indoor air faces quality related for major challenges –

  • various kinds of smells
  • moisture or dampness
  • volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and
  • different types of allergens

Stained concrete floors reduce and even remove these problems enhancing the quality of indoor air. They do not allow moisture, dust, molds etc. to settle on their surface. Moreover, they do not need harsh chemicals for cleaning purpose, hence, resolving the issues related to smell or VOCs.

Sustainable and Resistant to Water

If you are searching the environment friendly and sustainable floors, stained concrete floors are the best option for you. These floors are prepared with local and recycled products, need low construction and maintenance cost, and do not require replacement. Moreover, these floors are resistant to water, hence, do not allow moisture to settle on it.

So you see, how cost efficient and beneficial stained concrete floors can be for you. Moreover, they are not at all harsh to our environment also. Now, if you are looking for commercial flooring contractors, our team of experts is ready to help you. All you need to do is to search industrial flooring contractors near me in Florida and you can get our contact details.

Else, you can simply go to our website i.e. and contact us for support. We offer stained concrete flooring for both industrial and commercial clients at an affordable price. You can contact our team and with their support, you can customize the style and look of your floors that you want them to create.

The professionals at Sealwell are always available at your service. They will not only help you get stylish and elegant floors, but will suggest variety of applications to make them look more presentable also. For more assistance, you can contact us at