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Distribution Company Turns to Sealwell for New Industrial Flooring

Industrial Floors

As a leading flooring installation company, Sealwell is dedicated to providing high quality flooring options for you and installing them efficiently. We work to provide solutions for customers that have had difficulties maintaining floors, and most recently helped a distribution company when they expressed previously having difficulties with the upkeep of their floors. When Sealwell steps in, you can count on durability, resistance, and high quality in your floors!

Epoxy Coated Floors for Distribution Company

Just a few months ago, a distribution company in Fort Lauderdale, FL sought out Sealwell for help with new floors. We were told that the floors were previously difficult to maintain, which is why we recommended installing epoxy coatings. Our epoxy coated floors are not only resistant to spills and damage but they also are extremely durable and easy to clean. These floors were an excellent choice for this industrial flooring project and the distribution company was satisfied!

What Can Sealwell Do for Your Upcoming Floor Project?

No matter what your situation is, Sealwell is here to help provide a convenient flooring solution for you. We work with all different types of commercial businesses and place durable, resistant floors that suit each of our clients’ personal needs best. Another great benefit of turning to Sealwell for your next project is that we are dedicated to staying on schedule to reach the expected date of completion. While other flooring companies may push back dates often or take longer than necessary, we believe in being time-efficient and getting the job done right!

Epoxy Coatings

Sealwell offers the option for epoxy coated floors, which is the type of floor that the distribution company in Fort Lauderdale moved forward with. These floors are very resistant, especially to damage which can be a great feature for any business floor.

Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane floors are another type of flooring offered as an option by Sealwell. This choice of industrial flooring is similar to epoxy coatings because of its ability to withstand breakage and spills. Some clients even choose to have a combination of epoxy coatings and polyurethane floors because it provides maximum strength benefits.

Concrete Polished Floors

Polished concrete floors are another exceptional option for industrial flooring because concrete is one of the most strongest materials available. Not only are polished concrete floors extremely resistant, strong, and durable, but they can also look phenomenal with a polished, clean look.

When it comes to industrial flooring, there is no greater team of flooring installation experts to turn to than Sealwell! In business for over three decades, Sealwell strives to provide the highest quality flooring at a cost-effective price. The clients we have worked with previously remain proud of the work we performed to shape up their commercial location. To have your choice of flooring installed properly and efficiently, you can depend on the team from Sealwell. Get a free quote for your next flooring project by calling us today at 1-877-530-2633.

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