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What to Do When Your Industrial Concrete Floors Crack

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There is no denying that even the toughest product loses value and life over time. A concrete polishing floor goes through the same circle of life where they sit strong for a long period but eventually crack up. Even after the crack appears on the concrete floor, it is continued to be used, and therefore the condition of the crack worsens. It is also because the crack is now exposed to all sorts of moisture, dirt, and contamination which make the situation a lot worse.  Crack at a commercial flooring space with the movement of heavy machinery and traffic will aggravate and increase in depth. There could probably be many other reasons for the crack to appear and worsens over time.

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Let us further understand what to do and what not to do when the crack appears:

Is That A Crack In The Floor Or A Joint?

There is often a lot of confusion about whether it’s a crack on the floor or joints in a floor. They both are two different cases. If there happens to be a crack on polished concrete then it could be due to any of the reasons such as aging, curing, abuse, or maybe some other substrate issue. The presence of joints will have a different reason from that of crack. It could be due to isolating the slab movement, or it might form with new slab pours.

How Do You Repair A Cracked Concrete Floor?

If there is a case of a crack on a concrete floor then It could be dealt with the use of control joints only at the initial slab pour.  There are many other ways of repair as well. There could be the use of caulks and fillers as well. The caulks and the fillers can be used to expand or to contract as per the requirement. Sometimes the nature of the crack could be totally different and therefore the use of specialized fillers has to be bought in use to repair the crack. They are used to enhance the strength of the surrounding area of the floors. Therefore these special fillers can play an important role in recovering the condition of the crack and the area surrounding the crack. There are also cases when a simple surface repair might not make sense as the crack is pretty bad and it requires a deeper repair solution. They are recommended to be handled properly from the very start so that the damage does not grow any further.

How Do You Not Repair A Cracked Concrete Floor?

 A lot of people feel that covering the crack with an epoxy coat might be a wonderful solution with a lesser cost. But it might delay the issue for a while but would not be the right solution for a long-term repair. Many people also try to apply the standard over-the-counter caulk. This is not the right to cover the issue and it won’t do any good. Make sure that you never try to repair on your own.  Sealwell Industrial Floor Experts deal with a lot of cases of cracked polished concrete and would be happy to help with any similar case.

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